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Tribute To Dimebag Darrell 2007

Well, this weekend is a special weekend for us in many ways. It's a time of remembrance and celebration in the memory of a person who touched many peoples hearts on and off the stage…..Mr. Dimebag Darrell of Pantera / Damage Plan. For those of you who are new to the STEMM scene as well as those who have been with us for years, we like to celebrate December 7th because it was the day we were lucky enough to meet and hang out with Dimebag but, we were also lucky enough to share the stage with Damage Plan at The Icon in Buffalo, NY as direct support. So, in a sense that makes us the last city and band to witness Dimebag play a full show before he was taken from us… That night was one of the greatest nights of our lives and also one of the biggest learning experiences as well…Not many people know this story aside from when we tell it and the people who witnessed the show… 1st off…Damage Plan and their crew were top notch and very cool to be around. No pressure, no worries…There was a point during sound check where they were having a problem with Dimebag's guitar rig and they asked if they could possibly use Joe's amp if this was going to affect the show….Of course, Joe agreed!!! Just the thought that would be a solution is incredible….But, they got everything set up and running for Dime so, the show went on as planned… After our blazing set (lol) and we were getting our gear off the stage, Steve was excited because he ran up the stairs of the Icon after our show to put his bass away and was greeted by Dimebag who told him how much he enjoyed our show. What a high compliment to know that someone you have looked up to and influenced you as a musician over the years took the time to walk off the bus and watch a local bands set! (Even if he thought we sucked!) Thirty minutes later, Damage Plan is taking the stage and this is where things got really interesting. For the FULL STORY visit www.myspace.com/stemm


For a video update of what STEMM has been up to in the studio please visit our STEMM BLOG @ www.stemmnews.blogspot.com STEMM returns to the studio writing new material for their upcoming release! Rock On!

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Music: Stemm: Songs for the Incurable Heart Our Take I Scream Records' latest signing Stemm should be seen as a breath of fresh air to music listeners who feel that the metal/hardcore genre has been getting extremely stale. With their debut album, Songs for the Incurable Heart, the band breaches the lines that separate metal and hardcore with traditional hard rock. This creates a new and unique sound that fans of both genres should be able to appreciate. The vocals on this album are constantly changing, which helps keep it fresh throughout. Equal mic time is given to clean vocals and screaming, and the screaming styles seem to change quite a bit. One thing is clear from this release, and this is that both TJ Frost and Joe Cafarella really push their vocals to the limit. The singing on this album is what helps to set Stemm apart from other bands of this type, as they are closer to hard rock groups rather than metal or hardcore ones. The combination of these two styles work well, and is definitely something that Stemm should continue in the future. Each track on Songs for the Incurable Heart changes tempos, keeping things interesting. The album starts off with the hard-hitting, fast paced "The Memory Remains", and after a few fast paced tracks transitions into some slower ones. Another thing that should be mentioned is the drum work. Dan Nelligan does an excellent job and combines traditional hard rock drum patterns with staples of the metal genre, such as intense double bass work. Stemm's instrumentals sound a lot more hard rock oriented than metal, which helps them to stand out. Fans of hard rock music that don't mind a little bit of screaming will not want to miss Stemm's debut album. Likewise, metal fans who are growing tired of the same metalcore style guitar riffs and vocals will find Songs for the Incurable Heart to be a breath of fresh air. This album is definitely a surprise hit from I Scream Records, and hopefully the group will continue on to produce even more hit albums in the years to come. http://www.iscreamrecords.com/ Chris Dahlberg 16 January 2007

Reviews of the Disc...from EXCLAIM!

Stemm Songs for the Incurable Heart (I Scream) By Keith Carman December 08, 2006 Bridging the gap between thunderous hardcore, Gothenburg-styled metal and the more approachable radio metal sounds of say, Disturbed, is no simple feat. However, paving that bridge with enough guts to be aggressive and powerful but a sense of melody that is enticing without relegating everything to crap is even harder. In the case of Songs for the Incurable Heart, Stemm have done some amazing roadwork. Their influences stand out like a sea of patches sewn onto their denim jackets yet blend together smoothly, giving the album familiarity without seeming plagiarized. Chugging breakdowns pulled from Hatebreed are offset by raging blast beats reminiscent of older In Flames. Vocally, the lyrics are delivered in a manner clearly inspired by Pantera and Chimaira, while the influxes of softer harmonies are pulled from Sevendust and the previously noted Disturbed. It’s a strange metallic salad, but the flavours are bold yet surprisingly complimentary. REVIEW SOURCE: EXCLAIM! Canada’s Music Authority www.exclaim.ca


Well everyone, it has been awhile since any posts have made here on the website. We’ve been busy regrouping in all areas with our label and busy writing new material. We have a lot of exciting news for you so keep checking in here for news & fan interaction. We are excited to announce that “SONGS FOR THE INCURABLE HEART” is now available at all BEST BUY, TARGET, F.Y.E., and many other stores nationwide! The CD will be hitting Europe this coming spring and our video for ‘MONSTER’ is being shipped to MTV & The FUSE NETWORK as we speak! STEMM MESSAGE BOARD: We encourage all STEMM fans to hit up our message board to interact with each other as well as with members of the band. We are not rock stars and love hearing from you! We have been finding out through myspace that STEMM has fans all over the world. The better you know each other, the stronger we all become!!! ***RADIO*** Call your local radio station and request STEMM. If they haven’t heard of us, tell them about us! You all brought us this far, and the work has just become! We can’t thank the STEMMLINS all over the world who have backed us over the years and now we have the world at our fingertips thanks to our new home at I Scream Records. Let’s show the world what STEMM fans are capable of doing!


Drive and the determination to succeed is one half of the force behind STEMM. The other is their gripping sense of rhythm and insightful lyrics. Without fear of bearing their souls, their music addresses issues that all can relate to and crosses over throughout alternative, metal, and hardcore genres. This has given them the ability to reach through and appeal to a wide and eclectic audience of all ages. With relentless efforts towards each phase of their growth… western New York’s STEMM has solidly progressed and achieved an impressive reach throughout their region as well as across the country and overseas. This has given them the opportunity to play such famed venues as The Whisky-A-Go-Go, The Downtown and The Agora Theater and also take to part in high profile shows such as New England Metal and Hard Core Fest and HellFest. Stemm became part of the JagerMusic family in November of 2004 and have participated as Jager Tour support for two consecutive tours thus far. Their persistence and professionalism has brought about full artist endorsements from reputable companies such as ESP Guitars, Mesa Boogie, Regal Tip and Remo Heads. After penning the theme song for the The Ultimate Fighting Championship, STEMM established their name as the soundtrack for the extreme sport. With their music defining the visuals of the UFC. STEMM,s music has been showcased in every television broadcast and pay-per-view event since 2002. The notoriety STEMM attained through the UFC recently caught the attention of a new Canadian television network known as “The Fight Network”. This in turn solidified a broadcast deal with STEMM to provide the music throughout the broadcasts, web site, and commercials for the network. Other achievements include: *The only unsigned band on a nationally released Nitrus Records/NoName Worldwide compilation CD “UFC Ultimate Beatdowns Volume 1” also featuring Slayer, Damage Plan, Fear Factory, Killswitch Engage and many more cutting edge metal acts. *TOUR in support for national recording artists, Chimaira, Mushroomhead, Trivium and Bleed The Sky. Guest vocals from Chimaira’s vocalist, Mark Hunter, can also be heard on the STEMM demo and also the new release of the upcoming full length CD “Songs for The Incurable Heart”.2005 (Courtesy of Road Runner Records) *Music featured on PLAYSTATION 2 and X-BOX video games, “MX World Tour: Featuring Jamie Little”,”Tapout 2”and “Sudden Impact”. Also on FOX SPORTS television program “As Real As It Gets” featuring The Ultimate Fighting Championship. *In regular rotation on the Satellite TV Metal Music channel, MUSICCHOICE.com, where they ranked as high as #3 on the Metal Charts over signed artists. *Receiving Light Rotation on commercial alternative station WEDG 103.3 The Edge and included as a permanent fixture on the specialty shows “NextWave” and “Shades Of Metal”. The band ranked between #1 and #3 on The Edge’s “Top 8 @ 8” for four solid weeks and remained on the chart as one of “8” since April 2005. The band has independently toured from coast to coast and performed with various national acts such as: Damage Plan, Run-DMC, D-12, Sevendust, The Used, Alter Bridge, Our Lady Peace, Sepultura, Ministry, Soulfly, Mushroomhead, Chimaira, Ill Nino, MachineHead, Cold, Static-X, Taproot, The Tea Party, Snapcase, Hatebreed, Default, Biohazard, Every Time I Die, Bleed The Sky, Manntis, Brand New Sin, E-Town Concrete, Trivium, Soil, 40 Below Summer, Reveille, Primer 55, Flaw, Puya, Jimmy Eat World, Sum 41, Gravity Kills, Nothingface, Vision of Disorder, Stereomud, Slaves on Dope, Finger Eleven, Good Charlotte, Dog Fashion Disco, Motograter, Factory-81 among others… STEMM’s aggressive promotional techniques and absolute determination to command attention guarantees they are an up-and-coming band to watch.