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Just uploaded the mixes we have now for the songs. Expect a way higher quality on the full length album. We're just ready to take a break from recording and start playing. Stay tuned for upcoming shows and if you want to book us contact us on Facebook or on Our RevebNation page. \m/ Thx for all the support!!!

Cd Progress

Whats up you metal fans? We're here in the studio laying down guitars to the next 2 songs on the demo we will be releasing soon. Can't wait to get this music out to you guys and into the venues. Stay posted we are constantly updating and constantly doing work. Thanks for all the support \m/

Cd Progress

We are currently mixing our first song and other songs soon to follow. We will be releasing a 3 song demo and then a full length album. We will keep you posted on where we currently are and upcoming show dates. Stay Tuned!!