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Placement Update...Top 760

757 out of 28012 (up 23) Let's keep it ROCKIN'! More word of mouth needed =)

Updated Website - johneedshea.com

Added new blog page and entry and a new photo gallery with pics in 2 files =) Pass on the Merchandise and download sites I just opened this week. New items have been added to the merchandise site. www.cafepress.com/johneedshea (Swag/Merchandise) www.soundstation.com/johneedshea.aspx (Official Music Retail Downdload Page)

Holy Shit!!! Top 770!!!!!

767 out of 26845 (UP 1213) That is HUGE!!!!!! Thinking to myself, why am I now signed?? haha! You guys are great! Thank you soooo much!

Hit Me!

1980 out of 26750 (Up 325) I feel like I'm gonna cry (haha!) Well...let's go for the Top 1000. Then the Top 500. Top 100. Ultimately the Top 10!!! You rock! Thanks for your time checking out my stuff. Feedback is always nice. Drop a line sometime. A million thanks... Johnee

Breaking the Top 2300??

2305 out of 26708 (UP 62) Big Smiles!


I just released 4 albums at http://www.soundstation.com/johneedshea.aspx Or else Click the BUY button in the upper right corner of the player and click on SOUNDSTATION. Happy Listening and Purchasing! Thank you for your support! ~Johnee

johneedshea.com/Musical History in the works

Just started writing a new page on my history. Check it out in the Musical History link at johneedshea.com

Another step up that latter!

2367 out of 26683 (Up 12!) Thank you again!!

Broke the Top 2400 today!!

2390 out of 26558 (up 15 spots!!!) I am so amazed! I better start recording these new songs pretty quick =)

Johnee D'Shea Music now on SnoCap for download!

Including the IMPOSSIBLE to find 1000 Pleasures catalog from our ONLY album 1000 Pleasures (1993) and an EXCLUSIVE LIVE track (Who's to Blame) written for our 2nd, never before released album, "LUST" and select Sugarslide (album: The Pursuit of Happiness) and Rainmaker (album: Walk On Water) tracks.