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Where I Come From

Most people I've played with and for in the past 25 years or so have heard me play blues, rock and southern rock in several bands. But for the first 10 years or so of my musical life it was mostly just me and a guitar playing on my parents porch in Canastota. So, I thought it'd be interesting to record some of the songs I used to play back then and put them up here for my "recent" friends to get an understanding of where I come from and to let my "older" friends remember. The first tunes (Darcy Farrow by Steve Gillette, I Guess He'd Rather Be In Colorado by Bill Danoff and Boy From the Country by Michael Martin Murphy) were tunes I first heard on John Denver records. I was a real John Denver nerd back in the day and I still enjoy playing these tunes. Feel free to download them and enjoy. I plan to add to this collection over the next few months. So check back. Cya Bill