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July 1

Creativity has been flowing, in multiple forms. Watercolor, words, dance. So thankful I started the Open Mic Challenge in St Augustine. It really has pushed me and I am enjoying my relit passion once again. I am happy to announce that I got 5th place in the contest. I put a lot of work into it and it paid off. Fre and Betty Gordon helped encourage me and everyone to keep going! All the other players are all so great as well. Uploaded a new song I have been working on for a few weeks. 'Blonde Curls'. Its a demo for now. Have a few versions I am working on. I will be sure to share the other once once I figure out how to convert it to an editable form. ha ha.

June 17

Was able to spend some time with my family who are from the Mountains in NC, where I was born. I was able to write down some traditional songs they recalled. Glad I went, got to hear my Great Grandmothers voice again, hadn't heard it in 15 years. Such a beautiful visit and it fired up my interest in my mountain heritage. Love, Amy

June 1

Almost halfway through the year, 2013 has been really amazing so far. It started off with a resolution to, at some point, ride my bike from my house to the ocean (About 7 miles). I accomplished this goal on January 8th proving that I should probably set some high goals for myself. So many things have happened in these last 6 months, majority of them were very positive. I found out that my kidney disease has progressed and I'll have to have a kidney transplant or go on dialysis if I didn't change my entire lifestyle. You better believe I quit drinking, smoking, eating meat, drinking coffee, eating chocolate, etc. Im adjusting now, feeling clear headed and positive. With music, positive thoughts, love, kindness, and hope I plan on reversing my late Stage 3 kidney disease. My goal is to get to Stage 2 or better. I have until August before my next test results, wish me luck and LISTEN TO MY MUSIC. 3