Hurry up and WAIT already!

Ever have something so colossal on the horizon that you just want to shout out to the world? You just want that moment to come so badly that you find yourself hurrying along the details just to get to that moment. Only to find you have to wait just a little longer. Its kind of like all these folks we see on the road who speed past us just to make it to the RED light a little quicker. Hurry up and Stop! We are trying not to be anxious for anything but there are some great things coming up and we can hardly wait to share with you what all is happening. Just know that y'all had a hand in this. Just thought we would share the burden of anticipation with you ahah


Life already gives us so much to be thankful for. We know that we are not promised tomorrow nor our next breath. So in every new day alone there are 28,800 fresh inhales to exhale thankfulness for. In music we get to meet some amazing people every day. and each one of them is a new blessing to count as we fall asleep. There is no way that Uncommon Road could be where it is today if not for all of you who have loved and supported us over the years. We are so very thankful for everything.


NO its not free

Met us a young lad the other day who stated rather emphatically that " all music should always be free" He couldn't understand why you should ever have to pay for it... Well I felt it was my responsibility to enlighten the small fella. I explained the short truth of the few thousand dollars the artist has doled out per track. The mental and physical expense, and the cost of touring so that he could see the artist somewhere other than YouTube. He will now be purchasing all of his music! Yeah


The things you see on the road 1

We saw quite a few interesting things while on the road to columbus to record our newest radio single. So we decided to share just a few of those experiences with you. The following stories are true. No names or lacations have been changed to protect anyone. Number one strange thing:\ After getting off of what became a 40 mile detour, we need to stop and fill our tank. We passed one station that closed at 8pm (strange in and of its self) so we continue till we find a station still open at the late late hour of 9pm. We just so happend upon the "South Side Six" Marathon, located in somewhere in the middle of nowhere Ohio. After we all took our turns inside gawking at the various mullets and had pumped our gas. Three of us sat in the van waiting for our drummer to come out with some pizza. While sitting out side we saw the station attendent step outside and light up her cig. (Hmmm sounds like a smart thing to do next to gas pumps) Not even a minute later the fire marshal pulls up in the lot to buy some boose, and we thought for sure to repremand this attendent. However: he walks up to her outside of the station and lights up his own cig. We all know that cigarettes can kill, but come on. Needless to say we got out of there as soon as possible. We had a ton of fun, and this was just one adventure. stay tooned for more. UR

an image

So here we are, doing our thing... ...watching time fly by as the pendulum swings. (I stole that line) Take a quick glance and turn to the right, it feels good to know everything is alright. We sit, we stand, we rock back and forth, with music in our hands we will take back by force all the ground that's been taken away. It will submit it's self to Him under the shadow of His wings.