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Friday the 13th!

Thanks to all the bands! The show was fucking amazing!! Kreature of Habit RIPPED the stage! Acedia tore it up! Piojos killed!! Great show!

Trailside Saloon

Killer show last night! Endlight opened up with a bang! We did our thing, then Angelic Desolation came out and obliterated the place. Solbarren followed them with a blisteringly sick set. Eminent Terror was last...ouch

Gravediggers Ball

Killer Halloween show Saturday night! Thanks Sunshine Studios and LSOG for having us...we'll see you guys next year.

Peak 31

SICK show! ...lots of old schoolers from the crew... Too bad about the band that didn't make it...Immortal Synn RIPPED! Worth The Violence came in and TORE IT UP! Six Feet Of Anger headlined and brought the house down! Thanks everybody


Killer show tonight! Hammershot KILLED IT... Short Fuse was Brutal! Six Feet Of Anger brought the house down! Thanks Sunshine!

Black Sheep

We had a Killer set tonight! Thanks Black Sheep staff


Thanks for having us back, Black Sheep! We had a great time


Gutfest was SICK! Thanks everybody


Such a fun show tonight! Every band RIPPED the stage! Thanks Zodiac


Anti-Radio slayed on Thursday, Friday night at Psychostick was the shit! SmackFactor KILLED! Going into the studio today, 12 hours, 8 tracks, 1 ep - gonna knock it out in a day cuz that's how we roll... Be on the lookout for the new shit!