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Shelly's latest single TIME is now available to purchase. Please click on the 'buy' link when you listen to the song in the player.


My latest single "TIME" will be released within the next few weeks. The final mix has been sent off to be mastered. This is the third single towards my EP that will be released in March, 2015.


Crazy Lovin' You is now available on iTunes and many other online retailers. Please visit https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/crazy-lovin-you-single/id888456736 to get your copy!


The release of my new single "Crazy Lovin' You" has been delayed by a week. It should be available by June 18th!


Second week in June, the second single of the EP to be released in winter 2015 will be released to radio and iTunes!!!

New Single "FLOWERS" now available on iTunes

Shelly is very happy to announce the release of her new single "FLOWERS"!! It is now available for purchase on iTunes, CDBaby, Amazon and many other online retailers. https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/flowers-single/id848036895

FLOWERS was written by Shelly Dubois and John Cowell and performed by Shelly. he song was recorded and produced by Laurence Pugh. Musicians: Chad Melchert on drums Gord Matthews on dobro, mandolin and background vocals Glen Yorga on upright bass Shelly Dubois on rhythm guitar and background vocals

Comments/ratings would be greatly appreciated on the iTunes store or you can email Shelly at shelly@shelly-dubois.com

Another Fundraising Success

Shelly performed her second fundraising show of the 2014 in support of Helping Families Handle Cancer on Saturday, March 22nd at the Mercury Room in Edmonton. Thank you to everyone who came out to the show and helped her raise $400 for this much needed charity!!

New Single "Flowers" to be released April 2014

I am very excited about my new single "Flowers" that will be released the first week of April, 2014. This is a song that I co-wrote with John Cowell from Victoria, BC in November, 2011. I had brought the idea and a melody to John for our co-writing session and he added some great lyrics to help bring the song to life. This song is based on how we bring flowers to our loved ones and the great feeling that we get when we give flowers, as a child and as an adult. This song also expresses how we also give flowers in times of passing on. One of John's great lyrics for this song is in the chorus 'a piece of my love to keep in a vase'.

Want to know the official date that this song will be available on iTunes? All you have to do is subscribe to this blog or you can 'like' my Facebook musician page http://www.facebook.com/ShellyDubois.CountryArtist. Once you click 'like' on my Facebook musician page, please click on 'get notifications' so you will be notified when I post the release date.

This single is the first one of new music this year! More to come!

New Music, Awards and Charity Shows

January, 2014 is off to an exciting start! I'm happy to announce that I'm heading back into the studio to start recording some new music! Songs that I have written in the past few years are finally going to be recorded! I will be releasing singles followed by an EP by late fall or winter of this year.

This Saturday, January 25th I will be attending the Alberta Country Music Association awards night in Red Deer, Alberta. I am very excited and honored to be a nominee for Female Vocalist of the Year for the second year in a row!

My first charity show of the year in support of Helping Families Handle Cancer (a charitable organization that helps families financially that have a child battling cancer) will be held in Grande Prairie, Alberta on Saturday, February 1st. This will be the first of many shows that I plan to do this year to help raise awareness and funds for this wonderful charity.

"Success is liking yourself, liking what you do and liking how you do it"

HERE'S TO 2014!!

As I sit here typing this, I'm looking around my office reflecting on all the quotes on my walls, the cards of thank you's and well wishes from the past year and all the sticky notes, papers and binders that remind me every day of what I love to do most - music. The quotes remind me to have faith, be fearless, be persistent and most importantly - that "impossible" doesn't exist but "I'm Possible" does. The cards of thank you's for donating my time or making a donation to my charities that matter most to me or from my students that I teach guitar and voice to for making a difference in their life. All the sticky notes, papers and binders that remind me that I have shows to book, songs to write and all the promotional work that needs to be done as an independent musician. And even though its not a constant reminder in my office, the support and love that I receive from my family, friends and fans on a continual basis that is expressed verbally, by a warm greeting in a form of a hug or in social media reminds me of how blessed I am and helps me continue with my journey. As I move into 2014 I look forward to more of the same along with new beginnings, challenges and joyous moments. To ALL of you, I wish you all the same in your journeys and I hope that you will be fearless, be persistent and have faith in yourself. I'M/POSSIBLE

Happy New Year!!