Working on Song #1

http://www.truewitness.com/2016/04/30/working-song-1/ We have been hard at work on the title track for our upcoming new album, “I Have Arrived”. But don’t worry, you won’t have to wait long to hear the final version of the song. During the studio process for the song, we hve been burning the midnight oil to also put together the official music video for this new single. And you are not going to want to miss it. But in the meantime, enjoy this video blog entry into the world of writing and recording our newest single “I Have Arrived”.

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Back In The Studio

http://www.truewitness.com/2016/04/12/studio-test-blog-1/ Playing our music LIVE for people is one of the greatest aspects for us being a band. But before we can strap on our instruments and hit the road to visit all of our TW family, we have to create new music. And that begins in the studio. So we are proud to say that studio time has commenced once again for True Witness. The studio: The place where creativity flourishes and where rhythms and lyrics unite in a blend of inspirational goodness. We are currently working on our 4th studio album, which is to be titled: “I Have Arrived”. But like LIVE music, we believe that the music of True Witness is a journey, shared between the band and all of you. So we don’t want you to have to wait for a concert to share in our music. That is why we decided to chronicle our time in the studio, and share it with you all so we can co-conspire together in this symphony of music, and life. So stay tuned for future Studio Blog posts where you can read…and watch…all the hard work we are putting into the studio so that you can enjoy and relate to the music from the “I Have Arrived” album. Thank you for sharing in this with us. Please pass these entries along to your friends and loved ones and let’s make this journey one that is epic and unforgetable. This is more than music. It’s a movement.

True Witness on Reverbnation...

True Witness is a New York based band. Their contemporary style of music is a blend of acoustic and electric rock that identifies with all age ranges through various instrument arrangements, inspirational vocals and rhythms. The band originated in 2002 with Tom Bowen, Tim and Dan Adams. They closely collaborated with published poet and lyricist, Christine Bowen, and the band proceeded to develop their unique original musical compositions and eclectic styled arrangements. Their journey began in Florida. In 2003, True Witness pursued a change in their mission and purpose, and moved to the Hudson Valley region of New York. Their passion was to offer thought provoking songs that describe life’s struggles and present the simple need to discover that love is enough. The band’s focus is to offer clear, simple solutions of hope to a world in need. The band’s commitment is to provide an encouraging positive message and an alternative of strength, faith and hope to the challenges of living each day. True Witness released their first CD album, “Origins” on December 16, 2007. The band launched their “LOVE IS ENOUGH” tour ‘08 with the release of their second CD album, “Once In Time” on March 30, 2008. The “LOVE IS ENOUGH” tour ’08 is a 10 state tour spanning over 7 months. Amongst the multi date tour, True Witness has performed at premiere venues like The SoulFest for three years in a row, Utica Music Fest for three years in a row, and BeachFest, also for three years in a row. The second True Witness tour was the 2009 (Love)2 ON HIGH Tour. The music of True Witness is about life, truth, hope, and love. The band plays all venues. True Witness is currently working on their third album, SEND ME, and getting ready to begin our third tour this Feb. The 2010 True Witness You Can't Silence The Lamb Tour will take True Witness to many venues as they travel everywhere over the next 10 months. You can learn more about True Witness on www.truewitness.com, or www.myspace.com/truewitnessband, or vview our EPK on www.sonicbids.com/profile/truewitness, and on Facebook, www.facebook.com/truewitness.chris. You can view True Witness performances on You Tube...True Witness at SoulFest, as well as other You Tube True Witness videos. To reach True Witness, or to book a concert, contact Chris at truewitness.chris@yahoo.com.