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Upcoming interviews, music video release, hear Megadriel in Mi Emisora of PR

During this month of May, 2010, Megadriel will be interviewed by the program Heavy Metal Thunder of Puerto Rico and by the organization Insomnio Music for their upcoming Insomnio Magazine, while one of their songs will be played in Mi Emisora, a radio station of Puerto Rico. The interview for Heavy Metal Thunder will take place on May 28, 2010 at 9pm (GMT-4 Time Zone of San Juan, PR) and can be watched live through the internet on www.histudio.tv . In the same interview Megadriel will be releasing their first music video of the song “Sweet Poison” which is part of their debut album “Wounds & Lust”, released in February of this year. Heavy Metal Thunder is a program from Puerto Rico that will start airing on May 21, 2010 and its programming is dedicated to the divulgation of both local and international rock music news. Therefore the program also includes music videos, band presentations, news reports and interviews. Between May or June, Insomnio Music will be releasing their first music oriented magazine and Megadriel will be amongst the bands interviewed to be featured in it. You can learn more about the events and projects of Insomnio Music by visiting their MySpace http://www.myspace.com/insomnio_music. Lastly, the song “Flor Marchita” of Megadriel will be launched on radio during Mi Emisora’s regular programming for Sundays between 6-9PM (GMT-4) in a program called “Mi Rock” hosted by Nino Davis on June 6, 2010. Stay tuned to Mi Emisora through radio by tuning the 102.3FM (West side of PR) or 107.3FM (Metro Area of PR), or follow the linkhttp://ninodavis.com/NinoDavis.com/MiRock_Live!.html when the program is on air.

Megadriel features in the first PRMA Compilation CD

In the first metal compilation CD made by the Puerto Rico Metal Alliance (P.R.M.A.), released early in May 2010, Megadriel has featured the song "Rape of Innocence" from their album Wounds & Lust, released in February 2010. The Puerto Rico Metal Alliance Attack Vol.1 compiles 13 prominent bands from the Metal scene in Puerto Rico, ranging between the popular Thrash Metal to Heavy Metal and even some Gothic Rock Metal. The project is the product of the efforts of Rafael Bracero, President of the PRMA and Khaosmaster Productions, Alte Rock Music, and the bands that participated in the project. The compilation strives to promote the Puerto Rican metal scene locally as well as internationally. The album was mastered by Dennis Torres, the artwork and layout was done by Gröfaz a.k.a. Asaradel and Leonardo Rivera respectively. The PRMA is a non-profit organization created in 2009 with the purpose of educating the local metal bands through self-management seminars and help in one way or another to promote the local metal scene both locally and internationally while rising the standards of the metal events in the Puerto Rican country. You can hear some of the songs from the compilation through http://www.myspace.com/puertoricometalalliance You can access the PRMA official page through http://www.prma.info Megadriel is also selling the Puerto Rico Metal Alliance Vol.1 while supplies lasts so if interested please send us a message through http://messaging.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=mail.messageV3&friendID=104599325 and we will let you know about the price and procedures.

Farewell to Y7R (Former guitar player)


With this post we wish to inform that our guitarist Josue Torres (Y7R) decided to leave Megadriel and has done so by February 19, 2010; where he played his last show with us. He decided to join the line up of our fellow Christian Thrash Metal band Sacramento because Thrash Metal is his passion. By this means we want to officially bid him farewell and good luck with his new project. They are great friends and even better musicians without a doubt.

On the other hand we proudly announce that our vacant guitar player spot has been filled with Joan Sierra, better know as Melek. He has been playing in another goth band from Puerto Rico known as Amore ad Lunam and decided to join us by the same day that Y7R left.


Con este mensaje deseamos informarles que nuestro guitarrista Josue Torres(Y7R) ha decidido irse de Megadriel desde febrero 19, 2010; donde tocó su último evento con nosotros. Ahora forma parte de nuestros amigos, la banda Cristiana de Thrash Metal, Sacramento; ya que el Thrash Metal es su pasión. Por estos medios deseamos oficialmente desearle buena suerte y éxito con su nuevo proyecto. Ellos son grandes amigos y, mas aun, tremendos músicos.

No obstante estamos orgullosos en anunciar que la posición de guitarrista ha sido ocupada por Joan Sierra, mejor conocido como Melek. Él ha estado tocando en otra banda gótica de Puerto Rico llamada Amore Ad Lunam y decidió formar parte de Megadriel el mismo dia que Y7R salio de Megadriel.

Album Wounds & Lust Local tour dates and Band's recent info.

Megadriel´s live activity has been down these months. For those of you wondering why, it's because since last November our guitar player (Y7R) had problems with his hand, believed to be Carpel Tunnel. Also last December our singer (Brian Alexander) got throat problems. Still, we are proud to announce the release of our Album Wounds & Lust on February 2010. We will be doing a little local CD Release mini-tour for all of those who want to see us. We will star the Wounds & Lust Tour soon... we want to see you there...

Tour dates and locations. *All the dates are for Puerto Rico so far*

February 19, 2010 - Beer Garden @ Mayaguez February 27, 2010 - Green House @ Aguadilla March 5, 2010 - The House @ Mayaguez March 20, 2010 - Ocean Front @ Arecibo April 10, 2010 - Soprano's @ Cataño April 23, 2010 - Grafitti Rock Zone @ Mayaguez

There are a lot of new stuff on the way like a new layout, ringtones and photos so stay tuned to the mood changes ;)

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