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Hey, everybody. This is BC. I just wanna' wish everyone a great Holiday Season and a good 2011. It's been a trying year for just about everyone and I hope that we all climb out of the basement intact. I've been busy working on new music, just song demos and different things. The Sons have been chomping at the bit to get back into it and March looks like the time for that. We will have the same line-up of players for 2011. Will, Curtis and Tamara are up for the gigs, so we'll pick it up where we left off. Will and Tamara have written a new tune that they're thinking is right for the Sons, so we'll be adding a little new stuff into the set. We may do some of the tunes I'm a little more known for that have been on the radio and TV, etc. It's been a rough time for the venues where we can play and, of course, we go for a 9 member band; leave it to me to try swimming upstream when the snow's melting and the current is strong, going down. In spite of the times that we live in and the small amount of gigs available, the Sons are a living, breathing, and slammin' band that is always looking forward, rather than backward. Will has brought a new life to us that we're really having fun with. Although we only did a few gigs with Curtis, we are way happy with his vibe and his playing is just what the doctor ordered. Jeff and Doug are really the guys who belong on horns, great arranging and ears. Carmen is and has always been one of the best guitarists ever. He owns the rhythm grooves and scares everybody when he plays lead; then he sings--ouch!!!! Of course, the only thing missing there is a sense of humor......wrong!!! Tamara has been singing like a bird, so between Will, Carmen, Tamara, Jim and me we've got vocals that are killer. Jim is in the pocket, and always has been the perfect drummer for us. Geoff is on it like never before. He's been using an instrument called a "Mallet Cat", which is a high-tech set of Vibes that we never have to worry about microphone feedback with, 'cause it's really a synth. All systems are "Go", so now it's just a matter of finding gigs. We're back with Lisa Walters Booking Agency and I think we'll be better off with her than with last year's agency. We're hoping to see as many of you as possible in March for some gigs. We're doing the Mystic Theater in Petaluma and that's been a great one for us for quite a few years, a good one to look into checkin' out for a great Sons' gig. Anyway, I'm rambling. Love you all. Bill C.

Bill Champlin Interview - Fulle Circle Productions

There's a new interview with Bill Champlin about his upcoming CD, "No Place Left To Fall", at Fulle Circle Productions web site.  The interview with Bill is conducted by Jason Anders. You can check it out here:  http://www.fullecirclestuff.blogspot.com Enjoy!

"No Place Left To Fall" - August 4th U.S. Release Date

Hi everybody, This is me, Bill. Anybody who's been following the "No Place Left To Fall" spotted history knows that my new CD has been out in Japan, Europe and I-tunes, etc., but not a product in the States that you can touch, read, or throw--frisbee anyone? It's finally coming out on August 4, 2009 in the United States. Of course, if this were the 80's or 90's we'd be putting out a new CD by now, but it's not. The record business is so "iffy" that it would be counter-productive to keep making records that didn't have the support of a record company, or at least have a concerted promotional effort. New music is happening all the time and I'm putting new songs away for the next CD, but, for the moment, this album needs to be promoted. Now, that brings me to the next point. Lisa Walters, a California booking agent, has been booking gigs all up and down the West Coast for the month of November, and we're planning on rehearsing for it in late October. Then we'll hop into the vans and start in San Juan Capistrano on Nov 6, then San Diego and points North after that. I'll be using the rythym section from Santa Fe and the Fat City Horns for this run: Jerry Lopez - guitar and vocals, Jaimie Hosmer - keys and vocals, Rochon Westmoreland - bass and vocals, Eddie Garcia - drums, and Tamara Champlin - vocals. Does "Mayday" strike a familiar note? These clubs are gonna' do the gigs, but I think it's gonna' be up to me and whatever "Street Team" I can put together to, as they say in the biz, "Put asses in the seats". As the shows are confirmed I'll start a list on billchamplin.net and myspace.com/billchamplinmusic and, I guess Facebook and Reverb Nation. There are so many internet sites now, that I just can't keep up and still make music, or have any kind of life. Melanie, Rona, Sharon, Mary and the Dream Makers Record Company are all trying to find ways to make this CD/tour happen in a good way. Even though I've been on the scene for a long time, a lot of people don't know me, other than as a singer/pianist for Chicago, so it's gonna' take a lotta' help to make this stuff happen. I hate to use old ad campaign slogans, but "Tell a Friend" is gonna' help immensely. This is a grass roots thing that is gonna' take a lot of Grass or a lot of Roots, maybe both. Thanks for being there. I appreciate all your help. See ya' in November! Be good, Bill Champlin

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There's a new article on Bill Champlin and his upcoming CD, "No Place Left To Fall", in the Marin Independent Journal. The article is by Paul Liberatore and features an interview with Bill. You can check it out here: http://www.marinij.com/ci_12744259 Enjoy!

Another New Bill Champlin Audio Interview

There is another new Bill Champlin audio interview online, hosted by Mark Uricheck, at his web site, The Musician's Voice. This interview features an in depth look at the making of "No Place Left To Fall", which is scheduled for it's U.S. release on August 4th. You can hear it here: http://www.themusiciansvoice.com Enjoy!

New Online Bill Champlin Interview

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Bill On The Radio

Rod Simons, who made the "No Place Left To Fall" DVD, will be guest hosting the Monday, February 23th edition of the Midday Live Show on the big Minnesota AM powerhouse, news talk 830 WCCO. Bill Champlin will be Rod's guest on the show at 2:30 pm central time. You can listen online at: www.830wcco.com Enjoy!