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"No Hipster" now with Sonix

I don't know why Reverbnation.com doesn't release the cost of Sonix mastering? I find it like buying a new car that is made with make believe workers for an unbelievable price. Do a search on how much mastering costs, this Sonix isn't bad...I just bought it on accident when trying to do research on it.

Mastering for Sonix...

I was thinking about decreasing my exciter and lowering my brick wall to a 30% Hard Limit. Well now I just have to find out how much the Sonix mastering costs!

This new Sonix Mastering....

I already use an exciter in my path so the Sonix Mastering sounds pretty awful. I'm wondering how long this new offer will last?

All the fun is in mastering.

I used to make music left and right without mastering at all. I'm now working on mastering of my top four songs and they're coming to say the least.

Reupload with Fixed Sibilance and LBF.

LBF means: Low bass frequencies. Sibilance means: any high frequency that is either distorted or clipped due to the size of the peak compared to the rest of the audio. I also leveled my eq out and I'm happy with the results. thank you -Kris

Turnpark created a band app!

Welcome to Turnpark, please enjoy the app! Thank You Kris Fields.