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The Ship Show!

Sorry 'bout your lunch if you missed it... This is how a rock show is done! We riled up the local villagers of Multnomah Days & showed 'em how we rock-it! They laughed, they danced, they stumbled.... Thank you, Potter (Disasteroid), for orginizing, managing, AND playing a really fucking fun party! Amazing performances by everyone! Cherry Bomb 13, WNBA Jam, Disasteroid, Stolen Rose, & us too!

Another New Tune Added!

This one's called, "She's a Bad Boy". It's about a person that reclaimed their sexuality & is now much more confident.

Thank you, everyone!

The Tonic show totally rocked!! - Big thanks to Truth Be Told - this band is awesome! Everyone had a great time & its all do to you, our fans. Thank you & give thanks! This is the first of many more!

I Don't Want You Around Anymore

New tune up...."I Don't Want You Around Anymore" is about how one no longer cares for the company of another. All instruments & vocal are by Mr. Casey on this one. ("You're My Favorite" too)

Debut Performance

Bag of Cats will appear & perform at Tonic Lounge, Sat, March 1st sometime in the evening for the first time in public! Be one of the first to hear the fury & witness the magical chaos in Bag of Cats!

3 New Tunes!!!

We just recorded three more - Don't Hang Around Here, about a sea monster. One More Time, about Mr. Casey's first lap dancer, named Sadie. & Pine Beetles, about those beetles eating the forests of Colorado (& probably other places too). We are on the side of the pine beetles. We think invasive species are people too!

"You're My Favorite" - a new tune!

So this is the latest, most complete recording from us. Sorry 'bout the long lead-in (44 sec.). We just couldn't wait to get this one out here! So fast-forward about 42 seconds, or 21 measures in & let it roll.... Rock-n-Roll!!!

Mr. Casey's Strap-On Guitar Straps

See these one of a kind guitar straps in the photo gallery. Designed & built by Mr. Casey in Portland, OR., made from antique sari border from India & other fabrics are available for you by mail or at Trade Up Music on Alberta (Portland). Call (503) 421-7433, or write: mr.casey@bag-of-cats.com.

Added new tune!

This is a no-mix-down version w/vocals soon to come! Enjoy!

Recording New Tunes!

"Adam" will be out of school in a week & we'll begin recording more material - YEAH!! - Keep your ears on, good-buddys!! - Bag of Cats will be out on the prowl.....!