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Just dropped in..

My condition is erratic from all the distractions in this place. No one told me there would be bats. A cat is banging his head dully against the wall, as it is trapped in a mayonnaise jar. Distorting his features terribly. I'd like to help him, but then I'd have to go by that old man that's just cackling and farting into a shoebox. I can't be around that kind of weirdness. It worsens my condition you see...

A stones throw

A stone thrown far. At first it seems the radiating pattern seems alive. Are the ripples sad when they reach the shore? How do you know when your ripple has played itself out?

More to come...

What song is there that's not been done Unwritten deeds and heroes unsung Character I look for inside of me But a villain at the mirror Is all I see A finite combo of chords and notes Only groups of words, left to be wrote

Never mind the bollocks I think it's time to tell some stories.

Frigid Love

"At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet." -Plato Spring is in the air. The ground is frozen, but bees' laughter tickles pedals open & the beat goes on...

Everybody's Talkin'

Please do not interrupt my thoughts of guacamole recipes & world domination to tell me that I seem distant. Also, did anyone else notice that Harry Nilsson wrote practically everything in the '70's?

Rubber Roads & Pavement Tires

I am tired of hurting myself every time I leap out of my vehicle at moderate speeds. I pay my taxes. I should be able to tuck and roll at 20 MPH without severe road rash. Reverse this unnatural order and set us free. Thank you, that is all for now. -Ben Ji Dubious Character