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Happy March Update!

We in Jovan and the Wild Things are excited for this month of March; the weather warming along with our sound.

We have a couple shows to make things a little bit more comfortable in this dreary weather and hopefully make March a little warmer for all of us!

The next show we have coming up is in Kent, Ohio with our dear friends the Acid Cats. Also on the bill is a wild bluegrassy band moniker'd Johnny and the Apple Stompers. You'll catch all of us at The Stone Tavern on Friday, March 14th in Kent, Ohio! There will be a troupe of leprechauns dancing on the bar all night long. Watch your fingers!

The end of the month we are back in our hometown, downtown. Catch us at Paolo's in downtown Akron around 10pm! Opening the set for us is Spencer's sister, Olivia Cutlip. She sings originals and plays piano. Think of Lady Gaga's very first youtube videos mixed with the soul of famous female singers such as Sara Bareilles and Etta James.

J+TWT have so many new originals in the works and are planning on playing a new song every show - events not to be missed. Come support great music with us!

The last couple weeks...

It's been an interesting couple of weeks for J+TWT. We took a short break while Corey traveled to Anaheim for the NAMM show and Spencer visited some friends in Minnesota. We had some great design work done by Kelsey Kulesza, which turned into some slick looking business/promotional cards. We revamped our website a little bit, and altough it still needs work, we feel that the "bare bones" are in place, and it can only get better. We've seen some good traffic on our Reverbnation site, and we are currently #1 on the Akron charts for R&B/Soul. We have 5 shows on the calendar for the next couple months, and we are hoping to add some more in the near future. We are having a photo shoot on February 9th with a friend of ours from the Akron area, and this will help us to boost our online image. We have some ideas in the works for cool logos as well. Also working on posting some videos.

We've gotten a great response from the music that we have posted so far. There are many other songs in the works as well, and we will most definitely be planning on recording some of these new ideas in the near future. But most of all, we are excited to continue developing/interacting with our growing fan base in the Akron area!!!!!!!! Tell yo friends!!!!!!!

Love, Jovan and the Wild Things

Getting things up and running.....

Hello cyberspace....for those of you who don't know, we are a new band which is the combination of the old Jovan Wilder and the Wild Things (Wilder, Urquhart, D. Conway) and the old Conway Brothers Trio (C. Conway, D. Conway, Cutlip). I think we're gonna start blogging to keep whoever may be interested informed about what we have going on week by week...

We are fresh off a few shows in Akron in Kent, the best of which being from 1/3/14 at Musica. We recorded the whole live set, and we also got some good video footage. We are hopin to put somethin together and release it as soon as we can. We are also sitting on about 8 more recorded songs that we will be sharing with the world once we come up with a viable plan for a release. Other than that, we are working on getting our website freshened up/redesigned, getting some nice promo photos taken, and solidifying the rest of our online presence. Once all that is in place, we will hit the ground running, playing as many shows as possible.

We are all super excited about this new group, and we can't wait to share our new sound with everyone!