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Where is the passion?

Do you remember, back in the day, when you used to sit by yourself with your headphones on. Listening to you favorite band at that time. Or just found some band that nobody has heard of. Writing down all the lyrics so you could assure yourself you could sing the whole song, or album for that matter, without screwing up once. You used to go buy their t-shirt and where it with pride. Told all your friends, "Hey, listen to this band." Filled your high school book covers with their stickers. Basically, you would bleed their music. What ever happened to that? It seems in this new "info age" people are way less likely to do any of these. It's all about "NOW" it seems. I need this, NOW. I want this, NOW. I want to hear this, NOW!! I can catch the show online later... I can admit, that I have also fallen into the trap to an extent. (I always make sure to grab my favorite local artists stuff) Why go buy a CD when you can go online and purchase only the song you want. I couldn't even tell you how many times I bought a full length CD, Tape or Album just for one song. Then, after listening to the whole thing over and over, I started to really like other songs on it. A lot of the time, the song I bought the the CD for became one of my least favorites. Or one I didn't listen to as much. All I am saying here is that I would like to see some of that passion come back. Support your local music. Buy their t-shirts. Where them with pride. Get their stickers or pins or whatever they have and represent them wherever you go. Buy their CD. Learn their words. Know what their message is. Music is like religion, Preach it!! -NR