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The KARMA Project... (A Work in progress)

Hello World!... First off I just want to thank you... Yes YOU!.. The fact that you're reading this means you took the time out to listen. All an artist really wants is exactly that, an ear, You are my therapist Lol! I put alot into this album, all of my love,passions, aspirations, pain, and sexuality. I've kept it 1000%, Your judgement is not requested, and any passed will be dismissed immediately. Thank You, KARMA :D

Getting to know KARMA

Karma born Giovanna Johnson on April 28, 1990 in Waterbury,Ct to Tamara Johnson and Gordon Piper. As a child she moved around but eventually ended up in Darlington, SC where she graduated from high school and met her partner and Producer Peter Ramirez, aka Luniey Toon Killa P. She moved to Conway, Sc to go to Coastal Carolina University ,from which she graduated, but in those years her love for music grew! She began to ad libbing and doing tags for Luniey Productions artists, working her way to writing and co-producing her own songs! Which lead her to become the amazing, aspiring artist she is today!! She is also the mother of a beautiful boy named Geremiah. Follow her on Twitter @LiveKarmaLife, like her page on FB www.facebook.com/LiveKarmaLife, Stay tuned for songs and more from this page!