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Blogging is not my strong suit ...

June 2014 - Its been a busy spring. I started putting together a new EP project called "Stories From Edison Road." It is being released in two volumes, the first hitting the internet over the next few days.

Produced by Josh Martin, the songs will lead you through some highs and lows, some fun and frustration, good times and bad. We tried to put together a musical journey and I believe we have accomplished it!

We are still accepting Pre-Orders at my website www.jimcallahansongs.com .. you can save a little by ordering both volumes.

I am also looking for Living Room Concert opportunities. If you would like to host a private concert for your friends and family, drop me a message. I will be happy to discuss the possibilities and provide you with some guidelines about concerts in your home.

I Hope everyone has a great summer!

tHE pOET ... finished

Just getting around to making a note on this blog! The new album, The Poet, is complete and available. You can purchase through my store here on Reverbnation. Downloads and hard copies are available! You may also locate it at most of the major internet music sites, including iTunes, Amazon.com, eMusic, Rhapsody, Spotify and countless others. Any of you want an autographed copy? Send me a direct message, we'll work it out. Thank you all so much for the continued support and encouragement. Jim

The New Album

Some good news! The new album, THE POET, is complete. We have only to finish cover design and its off to production. We will have both a hard copy (CD) and/or an Mp3 download available. You'll be able to find it on iTunes, Amazon, eMusic and right here on Reverbnation. I'll also be happy to send you a personal signed copy if you contact me direct. What you'll find on the new album is a collection of songs that pretty well represents my views on life, love and music. I'm am known for my variable taste in style and musicality, and tried to deliver that on these recordings as well. I am hopeful you'll enjoy the music and support my efforts. My best to all, Jim

The Poet

I finished writing and recording The Poet a few days ago. The song is somewhat autobiographical, but then all of my songs are "somewhat" autobiographical.

There is a truth in that song that is shared by thousands of other writers. The common thread that ties all songwriters together .. we have a story to tell. In order to tell that story, there must be a listener.

I hope you take the time to support your favorite songwriter, listen to their story. You complete their work.

THE POET http://www.reverbnation.com/play_now/song_11726249

What's This All About ....

What's it all about? I've wondered myself, sometimes, what this is all about. And so this morning (01/02/11) I thoght I'd try to answer that question. My efforts over the past two years have been toward promoting myself as a songwriter, trying to gain acknowlegement, acceptance as a songwriter and to move toward the ulitmate goal of having one or more songs recorded and distributed thorough a major label with a major artist. I've never expected I would be "The Artist" .... I'm too old, too ugly (lol), and too easily worn out. Seriously, though, I am not a twenty-something hardbody with perfect teeth, which for the most part is what "the industry" is looking. I could imagine being picked up as an oddity like Boxcar Willie was back in the 80's ... but, I'm not counting on it. And so its all about the songs I write or co-write. The words, the music, the thought, the feel ... that's what I'm "selling." Why do I keep "bugging you" with all of this? Everytime you play a song on my MySpace Profile page or click on a link that I send you. That play is registered by Reverbnation.com (they are my music hosting site .. where this stuff is stored). That play, by you, is unique and is identified as being a different person than me or my neighbor, or my son. So, basically every play COUNTS. The more plays I receive, the more people who play my songs, the further I advance on the local, national and international charts. The further I move up the charts, the more recognition I receive for my music. The more recognition the better possibility that "The Right Person" will see and acknowledge my work as a songwriter. The goal gets closer everytime you play a song. Here is where I stand right now: http://www.reverbnation.com/jimcallahan ReverbNation.Com now has more than 1 million registered artist worldwide ALL ARTIST / ALL GENRES / WORLDWIDE ~ JIM CALLAHAN #11820 ALTERNATIVE ARTIST / WORLDWIDE ~ JIM CALLAHAN #750 ALTERNATIVE ARTIST / NATIONALY ~ JIM CALLAHAN #384 ALTERNATIVE ARTIST / NASHVILLE, TN ~ JIM CALLAHAN #15 So ... that's it ... play those songs, click those links, tell your friends & family. Help me reach my goal this year! You can really, REALLY, make a difference. Thanks! Jim

Wow, lots going on ....

In case you hadn't seen it elsewhere, I was recently signed by an L.A. based Music Licensing Agency. We've had several conversations and exchanged lots of emails. They aren't suggesting any kind of "get rich quick" thingy, just that they have the contacts to get my music in the right hands at the right time. I have no particular expectations but am hopeful an opportunity will match with one songs.

I also just established a new publishing company Jim Callahan Songs (ASCAP Affiliation), and started a new website www.jimcallahansongs.com

busy! it's been really busy .. lol

New Song Just Finished

"Again" is a song about losing a friend! The one that you always thought you would see .... Again.

Christmas Video

Please check out my video at http://uk.youtube.com/groups_videos?name=singcompetition This was my first and only attempt (so far) to create a fun/funny video. Look for My song, The Night Before Christmas. Thanks Callahan