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viral independent artists??

Not the easiest or cheapest ways to do this.. but what the hell i thought as i used up some of my free time to put all my songs on in one place - www.reverbnation.com/aadhilaziz

my buddy peter, in Germany has been working on my "proper" website for some time now, and it looks awesome..

what i need is a bloody good manager!!

any requests?? we can cut a deal!!

think about it.. 77 + songs, (plus all the unrecorded ones, under my bed), over 5 bands.. and no one has a clue, that i am the songwriter..

hmmm.. a little frustrating.

also frustrating is these damn widgets.. what the hell are they? and what is the point of them? and how come no one clicks on mine?

also frustrating.. why does everything have to be free..

i guess its all to do with marketing, which i dont have much to work on.. which is why i need a manager.. help!!