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The Shock Of The New

It's been a while (again), but here's an update for those who may be interested? I've been working with guitarist/songwriter Gavin 'jukebox' Edwards for a while now and we've amassed a very respectable bunch of songs. We are getting our faces out a bit locally and are looking to record an album soon & try & push out a bit further in the nearish future. At the other end of the sonic spectrum! I'm halfway through producing an ep for 'Scoundrel' great young skater punks who have been gigging loads and are getting noticed, ones to watch! I have somehow managed to find the time to run a couple of side projects, firstly 'Aaron Tracey' , I had some songs that were more personal that I really wanted to develop more, there are a couple of demos on the Aaron Tracey Reverberation page, more will be posted soon. Secondly, 'Concrete Solutions' (which is on my own Reverberation page) is an electronic instrumental 8 track album which strives to musically illustrate the peculiar world I grew up in back in the 1970's. last but not least, VJ Stanbury has compiled a collection of 'Sad Angels' songs that we worked on between 2012/2015? so, some tracks will be going up on their Reverberation page soon. Well, I think that's it? I hope you are all healthy, happy and successful, till next time...K...


Well, that's another year nearly done, been a year of ups & downs, including a period that made me realise how precious life is! I've really enjoyed listening to the music here & I hope mine has had the occasional listen too! I seem to be getting good responses to my electronic stuff recently, so more is hopefully on the way soon, the new year starts for me with two great recording projects,, firstly with 'Doctors Orders,' an ep of which will be available Jan/Feb, and also 'Scoundrel' who will be in to Finish their ep at the end of Jan, also I think there is a 'Sad Angels' best of due out around the same time, so till next time , good luck with all your endeavours and I hope 2016 brings you health, wealth and happiness. Peace K...

Ever the Optimist

So, after pretty much a year constantly in the studio producing & recording some wonderful artists, the talented Mr Edwards managed to persuade me to get out & play live with him, we had a blast, we've got a set of original songs, us & two acoustic guitars, feels great to play live again, now actively looking for more bookings. The single from the Chris Cole & the circus project is At no 8 on the alternative chart here on reverbnation, the album will be available to purchase soon and I know there's lots going on in the background regarding personnel & gigs, I'm looking forward to going live with the circus in the nearish future. Today though, I will be editing some Vocal files for a song I've been collaborating on with the wonderful Danish band 'Maintrack' I've worked with them a few times now & they always manage to inspire me, they're a great band and well worth checking out... They ROCK! One of the acts I've had the pleasure of producing so far this year is a band called 'Scoundrel' great punk/rock/new wave band, getting lots of gigs & interest, their profile is rising rapidly! After meeting up with VJ Stanbury recently, I know there will be a compilation of the last three years of Sad Angels recordings released this year sometime, Watch this space... End message....... Till next time...... Peace K

The long road

As I type this blog I am sitting in the studio listening to the final master of Chris Coles solo album 'still rolling with the times" & I have to say after a years work, many laughs, long nights, lack of daylight, potential agoraphobia but thankfully no tears, I have to say it sounds amazing, this is the first complete long player I have produced, that job though, was made much easier working with such a talented artist as Chris, If you buy one album this year, you could do a lot worse than buy this one, Also the album has been mastered by Pete Maher (look him up he's awesome) Pete managed to make it sound even more amazing, it's a dark art that mastering game... Till next time, Peace K....

Where do I go from here?

Hi all, thank you for the interest in my music, I honestly wasn't expecting to hit top 40, I have to say it feels very nice, but I guess it will pass very quickly, fickle as this business is! If you get the chance please check out Chris Cole's page here, he's awesome & I am blessed to be producing his new album (and playing drums, piano & backing vox) I have a lot of faith in Chris & his talent (we are aiming to take it out on the road some time in the future as 'Chris Cole & the Circus' (guess who's the circus!) also, please check out 'Maintrack" they are also awesome, really talented musicians that have become good friends too, I am in the middle of trying to pen some lyrics for them at the moment with a view to laying down some vocals, I hope that will be realised in a month or so, I hope you are all well & happy & life is being kind to you, till next time, Peace K

Thank you

Just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone that has taken an interest in my music, it makes it all seem worth it, I've made another three tracks available for free download and will be adding a new/old track to the playlist, keep the faith, Peace K

It's getting hot in here

Wow has it really been that long? It's been busy as at the Startled rabbit studio for the past few months, I've had the pleasure of working on a few tracks doing vocals for 'Maintrack' a wonderful classic rock influenced band from Denmark, hoping do do some more soon, also been producing a long player for 'Chris Cole' (ex Freeflow, Chinese eyes & solo), It's all sounding too damn awesome! feathers will be ruffled! watch this space, I've also had the pleasure of producing a few tracks for my daughters band "the story behind" they've just played the Hanwell hootie & are playing the barfly Camden this Wednesday 21st may, apart from that, sunbathing, trying to keep my nose clean and getting ready for what might just be round that next corner, you never know? Till next time Be lucky & Keep the faith! Peace K

new here

Hi and thanks for looking, I will be posting here when I can & sharing info about my solo and collaboration projects, more soon. Peace K