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George Duke Passing

I am going to release a new track entitled "Groovin For The Duke" this track is to honor the legendary George Duke one of the greatest keyboard players of my generation and who's style of play greatly influenced myself and that of many others...he was the master...I never had a chance to meet Mr. Duke but I was able to enjoy a number of his live shows. We did have a connection though. I actually went to kindergarten in the small town of San Rafael California which happens to be where Mr. Duke was born and raised what a small world.Anyhow as you can tell this man's music was a big impact on me. Mr. Duke even in your passing you light shines on...RIP! - See more at: http://www.motownmoe.com/news/#sthash.166NUF4S.dpuf

Has Smooth Jazz Lost It's Edge

Main or (Lame) street media has attempted to knock off my favorite genre of music...many radio stations and artists themselves have thrown in the towel....But many new internet stations are now devoted to playing SJ...Many people I know who made a living playing music in this genre have given up due to financial reasons..If you are truly a fan please support these artists and lives radio stations program if you are fortunate enough to have one to listen to...and this definitely includes internet stations as well... business and finanical support for the smooth jazz community has gotten smaller over the past few years. What has hurt the SJ genre over the years is station directors felt compelled to mix adult contemporary/ soft hits with Smooth Jazz this was a recipe for disaster...Playing the field with Boney & Sade....Not real exciting stuff mixed together... Not to be negative but hearing Boney and new smooth jazz young stars such as Nicholas Cole I find to be very exciting and appealing...We need to stand up and demand that our local area stations begin to add Smooth Jazz programing again without the oldie but goodie format... some people love the dusties format myself included...but there are stations who are totally dedicated to playing this type of music...It's time for people who love smooth jazz to take a stand for SJ to hit live radio again. I have heard stories of radio directors saying they can't make revenue playing SJ...If interest in proper programming took place by allowing some of the real talent a chance at air time it could become profitable ...because the fan base is still out there to this day. I would like to know your thoughts as artist and fans and DJ's alike..If I get enough feed back... I'm thinking about creating an organizer (SOS) "Save Our Smooth" aimed at bringing back Smooth Jazz entertainment to mainstream radio and live venues...Please let me know your thoughts and provide feedback...If you would like to be active in this cause. Not only am I an artist..but I am a true fan and history buff of smooth jazz and really want to save it. Only if we are organized can we make a difference...If you dare to stand up!!!