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Updates on Cynthia Su 2015

Cynthia Su, was busy touring and promoting her new upcoming singles from January to June, 2014.

After touring from Sydney, @ Metro, Jan-March 2015, she also performed at other gigs in Track Work , and Traxxx in Melbourne, March 2015.

She then toured the USA on a promo tour in Los Angeles, and is currently working with Los Angeles Dread Daze on new tracks "HOME", as well as " Protection" and "OVERHEARD". to be released on the 26th August, 2015.

Also been hard at work with Sean Able, Rubie Grae, Tyler Noel, Epik Pro, Prey Productions & FAMTA Music Group for the release of her new SINGLES, "UNCODED", "MUSINGS", "FAR" and also "YOUR VOODOO", "RADIO" "THE REDUXE" for August , 2015 release.

She also has recently appeared on 92.6 FM Los Angeles with Big Boi, and Recently on GOVE FM Radio, Darwin, with DJ Charly-Temper @ http://www.govefm.com.au/?page_id=871

Keep an eye out for Cynthia Su, and check her out on @ https://www.facebook.com/cynthiasusinger?fref=ts

Remember to write and share your story of lost love with Cynthia SU, and be a part of the UNCODED story, coming soon...

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UPDATES for 2015 coming soon

Cynthia Su, has been touring Australia, Los Angeles and has been working on new singles and her REDUXE EP, extension to "SOUL D.N.A" which will feature around 7 new singles. Currently she's been hard at work with Los Angeles DREAD DAZE, and their producers, as well as NYC's singer, songwriter Rubie Grae, Epikh Pro, Sean Able, Tyler Noel, (other features), KING James, Jamie Murcell, Sean Able and many more, with Prey Productions as well as FAMTA Music Group...

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Updates 2014.

Cynthia Su was very busy during the 2014 calendar year. With new singles, and her tour of Asia with multiple Hard Rock Cafe Tours @ Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore Shows @ Jan, Feb -April 2014 Shows @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5jQJdRjjX8Y @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PiBX-ESFDF0 FINAL SHOW ASIA, Cynthia Su played Keep it In Check, in Hong Kong 2014.

After. the Asia tours, Cynthia Su played for Gigged In Festivals, in Melbourne and Sydney, Music Oz Music Festivals as well, as Emergenza Festivals Sydney

March -May, 2014 Metro Theatre Sydney @


October - November, 2014 @ Factory Theatre @ http://www.emergenza.net/AU/en-au/news/1650/23148/cynthia-su-catches-us-up-before-the-show.aspx

Singapore, and Asia and Australia Tour November - December 2014 @ Sydney, Singapore , Melbourne

Also played SOULS FEST, Byron Bay 12th December, 2014



After the huge Pre Success, and guaranteed success off 2 weeks of constant radio rotation in the UK, Australia, China and the best RnB stations in the USA, plus COAST to COAST play in Africa, Asia, and featured press in Music MI2N and VIBE Australia, and USA, we're looking to the fans to help support the production and marketing of the forthcoming album to be picked up by EPIC, and get it funded and started. Please scan the code @ https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151476831646727&set=a.10150867824241727.396902.19042396726&type=1&theater or also on http://www.5sing.com/29178282/dynamic/51d3205f31d06e084cc39b8e.html... ALSO THE NEW SINGLE " KEEP IT IN CHECK" @ http://yc.5sing.com/1870229.html


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Cynthia Su & FAMTA Music Group Announce Album::

With the pending launch of Cynthia Su's Debut E.P " Soul D.N.A" already causing quite a stir, and a sensational hype around the industry, her team at F.A.M.T.A and production(s), have announced the upcoming album has already been slated and started work, in the studio.

To feature a "pure finesse of sounds with enlightened synergy", it's definitely going to be an album "hot in lyrical content, with amazing sounds, to buzz your vibe" it's definitely an album to own. We're offering people with vision to see where this starlet is headed, to get involved in the project early on by becoming a believer and puchasing a stake in the album, before signing to a Major Label. The benefits are that your efforts to help us, achieve success, will mean that you have a direct stake in the music, prior to a major signing, and that music lovers get to purchase collectibles, early on in Cynthia's career, which will obviously increase in value.

Support her on the International quest and get a stake in musical history NOW !!!!!@ https://www.sellaband.com/en/projects/cynthia-su, and make real music happen now. Always FAMTA Music Group @ www.facebook.com/floodedarts