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New Album: Invisible House

We are so excited to be releasing our new album, Invisible House. The Liberation Prophecy collective has taken an evolutionary new turn. With Carly Johnson at the vocal helm, the ensemble sings and compositionally breathes by not defining an end or a beginning, but by a constant connection that sees and engages in love everywhere. The songs and compositions have a depth which is rooted in tradition and the songbooks of the world, but extend forward beyond trend, genre, and immediate culture and society. The stories of Liberation Prophecy do not strain to invent a moment, but bask in the moment which is already there via the tools of collaborative beauty, and a reveling in the confusion of what is and who and how we are being.  Also, the first episode of our web-series, Liberation Living Room. @liberationroom Watch at: https://www.youtube.com/user/liberationlivingroom