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FAN-EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOADS/promo non-album songs:

Being an independent music artist essentially means everything I produce is financed out of my own pocket, and like most indies, I'm fortunate if I cover production costs.

As a sincere and personal thank you to people who spend their hard earned income on my work, I offer an additional ever growing selection of quality, free downloadable Alien Skin music. It demonstrates my appreciation to your loyalty and commitment, which is absolutely invaluable in allowing me to continue creating music to a professional standard.

The promotional songs on offer are exclusively for genuine Alien Skin supporters only. The current downloads that have a sonic watermark on them, will be supplied without. The streamed songs will be available for download as well.

As Alien Skin, I have released two CD albums, 'Don't Open Till Doomsday' (2008), and 'The Unquiet Grave' (2010). Both can be fully previewed at www.alienskinmusic.com, on MySpace and on FaceBook. This allows you the opportunity to decide whether your enjoy the works enough.

Albums, in CD and MP3 format may be bought from a number of sources, refer my sites. I will personally provide the free downloads, with your proof of purchase receipt.

Peace, George