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Free Songs

As a way of saying thank you for all the great support form all the great artists on reverbnation and for stopping by and having a listen I would personally like to offer free song download just pick your favorite leave a comment of your choice and I will open one song a week for free download. Monday - Friday make your choices the most popular one for that week will be free to download friday- sunday then we start all over again. The best thing is yep you guessed it "Its fucking Free"........DSH

fuck you Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines you fucking assholes where do you get your balls from? Better yet please give them back because they do not belong to you someone just let you hold em for a bit. Charging American Soldiers for their baggage when you have not even earned the right to handle their baggage. You greedy fucking assholes. I just cannot wait for your company to fail and have you come back begging for the American people to bail you out again. Peace FUCK HEADS

check em out

mr mirainga check em out

check the trial

nothing more than free time

Volusia county artists

Hit us up lets make some noise. this shit is to boring around here lets make some noise

$$$$$$Gimme a god damn dollar.$$$$$$ I really do like your money

To all you out there begging for attention spend your money in my store and I will be your biggest fucking fan I will promote your shit on my page send everyone I know your way spend endless hours petting your egos by pasting comments on your page. So please feel free to buy some shit defiantly could use the extra cash...On a lighter note quit fucking begging for attention and let it happen naturally.....DSH

Enough already with the popularity contest.

This is the most fucked thing I have seen on here. Where is your self respect as an artist to send lame ass messages like hey I will become a fan of yours if you fan me first and leave a comment. So I will save you the trouble your band and music sucks fucking dirty southern swamp balls because your just fucking lame as a person. I don't need friends or fans that are pussies and need some sort of lame condition to have your shit on my page. If I dig your music I will find it I know what I like. If you do not find something you like hearing on here feel free to keep on rolling. I will not accept your widgets and promote you on my site If I really dig what I hear I will street team ya and add you to my recommend area. I become fans of musicians who's music I find interesting. That being said enjoy it my people...DSH

cigarettes and whiskey

Where do you get your songs from a simple question with a simple answer. I find my songs usually floating somewhere in a bottle of whiskey or in a pack of cigarettes as I watch the images of smoke rise from burning amber tip.


anything and everything do take my mind of the boring mundane life that leads to certain death. If you create nothing you did not exist. Art and music will be around long after we are all gone. So quit wasting air and make something happen.

good god damn finally

Yes you to can wear the name of americas finest Drug Sick Hero apparel as well as ringtones albums and songs are now available to you and your friends. Sorry it had to come to this but unemployment has me by the balls. I gotta at least try. Every little bit helps. Let me know how as a company Drug Sick INC. can put your needs first in customer satisfaction. Remember Kiddies you saw it here first 100% guarantee to become the coolest kid on the block.