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Today is the day. The day that the new beginning begins. The day that dreams become the guide. The day that laws of nature no longer apply. The universal consciousness awakens to the underlying reality. Life never was black and white. It was always gray. Times have changed. A great number of us have risen to the task of guiding our fellow man, with his blinders of society on, into the center point between two eternities; one into the past and one to the future. The time is now. Worldly ways serve only as distraction from the truth of self. The truth of communion. The truth of existence. None of these things are revealed in writing. They are experienced when you travel inward. When the point of reference is the self. When the web of indoctrination that you had no choice but to believe is cut down, like a tattered flag hanging by it's last few threads finally breaking away from it's pillar after years of diluted wind. That used to represent freedom and integrity and truths self-evident. It's meaning has been lost. May we never forget that nothing of this world is sacred. That man will find a way to put a price tag on bare necessity. Oh, but that was how it was. And times they are a changin'. Music. The only thing that's never betrayed. Put down your instruments of infinite data, they lead to infinite disillusion. Under the trees, where everything is just as it should be; uncompromised. If a man were to formulate a plan to keep a society in line in the middle of the forest with no one to hear, would his be as successful of ours that fails to grant man sovereignty? Freedom misdefined yet again. Pick up your instruments of peace-giving life, your tools of creation. The world is yours to design. Let the rest wallow in the mire.

Kat Simon
Kat Simon  (about 3 years ago)

Who wrote this? It's wonderful, beautiful, powerful poetry. real.

New advances every day.

After a year of playing out on the local bar scene, having a lot of fun, writing a little, getting to know each other better musically, and doing some demo recordings, we have finally been offered a great opportunity. A local studio engineer with years of experience and pro-grade digital and analog technology has chosen us for the first album after his recent upgrade. We've spent the last week hanging at this super chill studio and just did some test drum tracks. The vibe and atmosphere have been very positive and getting to see the capability of a real studio experience is exciting. We start recording first week in May and we are still writing daily. Good things are happening and we are thrilled that we get to do what we love as often as we do. We are a blessed group of comrades on a musical journey progressing and evolving daily making our contribution to this world. Stay tuned for what's next!!

Studio blur

We've been working overtime in the studio. Enjoy. There's more to come.