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More Music

Summer is shaping up real nice. Got a few recording sessions coming up. One of them is with a salsa band Quemando. The music is really hard to read. every single note is written out. The lines are not very bass-like lines, in fact the vast majority are very unfriendly. and they are really busy lines! But it's a lot of fun!!! Then on the weekend I'll be playing with drummer Kenwood Dennard. I've been listening to some of his music for over 20 years! I am also leading a Miles Davis tribute show!

Recording with Rob Drabkin

Excited to be recording Rob's new song!

Ryan White new CD

Just got a new CD by Ryan White. It sounds great! I am super excite about this one. we spent some time recording and Ryan spent a lot of time producing it. Check it out at www.ryandwhite.com


Had a great weekend. Played the last concert for the season with the Littleton Symphony orchestra. Then on Saturday played at the 5 Points Jazz fest in Denver with Ayo Awosika, Scott Martin, Josh Moore, Tom Gershwin. that was much fun! and it was great to end the weekend with the Lynn Baker Quartet CD release at Dazzle. nee album sounds great and I am looking forward to playing more music with those guys. Lynn Baker, Eric Gunnison, and Paul Mullikin.