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Making of "Hushabye"

"It has been a cold week for everyone. Here is a song to warm you up a bit. For the last six months or so, I've been recording a song every Friday. This is the first of those 27 songs. The melody came first when I was humming it to put my baby Hendrix down to sleep. From there it took it's shape. Hushabye was originally intended for my reggae band at the time, Subliminal. Thanks for listening and stay warm." -♫

'Hushabye' music and lyrics by Andy Jacobs Eb tuning

F Bbm Hushabye, Hushabye F# F C I’ll take you to the moon

F Bbm Wave goodbye, to the night F# F C That’s where your dream takes flight

F Bbm Oh so high, blot out the sky F# F C Our souls will never die

F Db Don’t you cry, we’ve sacrificed Bbm F So the sun will always rise

F# F Hear their voices calling you F# F From the great beyond F# F Feel the beating of your heart F# F C Lock you in a vice

F Bbm Hushabye, By and by F# F C Your wings will take you there

F Bbm No alibi, no alibi F# F C Your sweetness makes me cry

F Bbm Sing to me your sweet melody F# F C Play it in your mind

F Db Lullabye, Lullabye Bbm F Our love will never die

F# F Hear their voices calling you F# F From the great beyond F# F Feel the beating of the drums F# F C Lock you in a vice

F Bbm Sail away to a far off place F# F C The most remote of lands F Bbm (Db) Swallowed up by the oceans blue F# (Bbm) F C The seas of warm romance X2

F Bbm Hushabye, Hushabye F# F Our love will never die

F Bbm F Bbm F Db F# B F

© DynaMusic Records 2013

Making of "Backlash"

"Hey followers, Happy December. Here's a good December song. Though,this was recorded about six months ago. It's about what's going to happen if the takers take more than the givers can give. My influences for this song were Radiohead, The Beatles, and Floater." -Andy

'Backlash' lyrics by Andy Jacobs

Uploaded inside of your brain Deleted evidence of going insane Point your hating finger of blame You can’t help it ‘cause your one in the same Lies on lies piled up raining down on high Hide yourself away from the pain It’s not over

Now, multiply Til we’ve run this mother dry Take all you need From the rest who bleed and bleed

Inside of us all There’s a light that keeps us under control Married to your worries of life Chasing tail into the end of the night Can you reason with the voices in your head? Lies on lies piled up raining down so high

Now, multiply Until we’ve run this mother dry Take all you need For the 1’s who feed and feed

I don’t care Done with this game For the record anyway Movin’ in sync We’ll finally be through But only if we lose

Round and round we all go again It’s not over

© DynaMusic Records 2013

Making of 'Make Believe'

"Hear ye, mighty noblemen and fair maidens. The battle is upon us. Contained in this magical hymn are three lessons to be learned about everyone's favorite pastime. Making stuff up. People have been making up beliefs for centuries. These days, who doesn't believe they are the exceptional one whom will slay the dragon? Everybody does it, so why not forge your own destiny and 'make believe'?" -Sir Andimus

'Make Believe' lyrics by Andy Jacobs

I've been burning all my time just keeps adding to nothing, oh well Blinded by the desert sky Where no one can see their own shadow, oh well Have you ever read the sign There in the middle of nowhere, it read "Bow your head - get back in line Your endeavors will pay off someday, I know"

Whoa - oh, meet the dawn with me - Whoa - oh, let's meet the dawn Whoa - oh, fly away with me - Whoa - oh, we'll fly away

Down by the riverside A radiant baby is baptized, washed clean Drifting in the water's edge A floating isle of foreskin, ewee Lay your souls out on the line Your indulgence will be here waiting, all week bow your head - get back in line Your confessions will be our secret, trust me

Whoa - oh, just believe in me - Whoa - oh, let's make believe Whoa - oh, you must believe in me - Whoa - oh, we'll be discreet

Take all that you can take Make out until we break Fake if you have to fake It's all fun and games

Every one of your weapons have to be Turned in before it hits curfew, be warned If you spy suspicious eyes Just be sure to call in the brotherhood, klansmen This lynch mob was designed for the purpose of His agenda, of war Track you down come rain or shine The trial's set after the hanging, loved one

Whoa - oh, can't be wrong, you see - Just know it can't be wrong Whoa - oh, you must believe in me - Although I'm obsolete

© DynaMusic Records 2013

Making of "November Lake"

"Do you believe in ghosts? Have you sensed that someone was staring at you while you're sleeping? Do you like the band 'Alice in Chains'? Here is a dark and heavy song about the thing that haunts you at the foot of your bed every night. Sweet dreams." -Andy

'November Lake' lyrics by Andy Jacobs

There's someone standing At the foot of my bed Body's shaking Calls out my name

A lost reminder (She lost her child) It's all in my head (Could she be dead) A fear fixation (I hear her crying) She's standing right there (Howling out her name)

She's coming sooner every night (She's coming closer)

There's someone sitting On the edge of my bed Body's shaking Her hand on my leg

© DynaMusic Records 2013

Making of "Afterlife"

"It's Halloween, so I decided to exhume the remains of this four year old song. Interesting tidbit: Goodbye Dyna played this song for the first and last time at their last show on Halloween 2009 at Silver Moon in Bend, OR. The lyrics are about people in control, whether it be politicians or religious leaders, using fear to keep the sheeples in line. Starring in the video are Michael Meyers, Jason Voorhees, Mortimer the Ghoul, and Satan himself. Happy Halloween and thanks for tuning in for this weeks episode." -Andy

'Afterlife' lyrics by Andy Jacobs

Pop goes the weasel who puts up a fight Wake up the demon crawling deep inside Like seeing shadows when you close your eyes She doesn’t come until the black of night

They’ve all been teaching you the time is nigh To try and keep you shivering with fright You’re just a kid who’s seen them every night Took to believing in the afterlife

Heal the X carved in your head Fool the blind, steal what’s inside (Control your mind and take what’s mine)

Take what’s mine – Take what’s mine Mine – You’re all mine

Pop goes the weasel who ignored the signs This lonely dinosaur left in your mind You know the reason, ‘tis the season Hold a vigil for the afterlife

© DynaMusic Records 2013

Making of 'I Can't Live (Since I Don't Have You)'

"This is a dirty Weezer-esque rendition of a few oldies I mashed together. Four to be exact. They are Badfinger's 'I Can't Live (If living is Without You)', 'Since I Don't Have You' by The Skyliners, and Percy Sledge's 'When a Man Loves a Woman'. If you can guess the fourth you get a lollipop. I tried to do my own thing with this and I think I was successful, so 'yay' me." -Andy

Making of 'Grasping @ Straws'

"My wife, Hannah, and I wrote this song together last year as winter was closing in. I don't know what it is about the winter that makes me want to write warm summertime songs. Big thanks to my bro, Jeremy Magee, for letting me borrow his Fender bass overnight to record this track. It just wouldn't have the balls without it. The main influences on this song were Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jane's Addiction, Floater, Blind Melon, and The Raconteurs. There's a twinge of Muse in there at the end as well." -Andy

Making of 'I'll Put Your Fire Out'

"I listened to fifties and sixties doo-wop groups all week with the intention of writing a song in that style. The first cassette tape I remember wearing out when I was two or three years old was 'Innocent Man' by Billy Joel. It's not a coincidence that this song sounds like one of it's tracks 'The Longest Time'. The structure, phrasing, rhythm and arrangement were ripped off, but I changed the chord progression and the lyrics. Also, I chanced doing a 'bass vocal' rather than recording with a bass guitar. I used that as the backing track and recorded the snare over it. Then came the finger snaps. I played a guitar track with it, only to take it out once the lead vocals were down. From there I had a blast working with the harmony arrangement. I did the bass vocal when I woke up in the morning to achieve that low note. The end result is more or less a tribute to that Billy Joel song and doo-wop in general. Thanks for listening." -Andy Jacobs

Goodbye Dyna Bio

Goodbye Dyna is the name of the music project founded by Andy Jacobs, formerly of Bend-based rock bands Thought Police & Blame Amy and currently of Sons of Dirt, The Mowbray Collective & Subliminal. In 2008, he joined forces with drummer Jason Schmidt (formerly Vihara, currently Mosley Wotta) to record the ambitious 'XXVII' with Schmidt playing most of the drums parts and Jacobs performing everything else. Goodbye Dyna, as a live act, formed later that year with a 4-piece band consisting of Jacobs on guitar and lead vocals, Schmidt on the drums and side percussion, Dylan Alm (formerly Third Fire, currently Sons of Dirt) on bass, Tyler Moss (Map of August) on guitar, vox and keyboards, and Andy's wife Hannah Jacobs (singer/guitarist for Tentareign) performing the duet 'The Void'. This lineup toured across Oregon playing clubs (Seven), theatres (Tower Theatre), schools (Crook County High), and bars including Dante's in Portland and Silver Moon in Bend. Goodbye Dyna are currently in the studio recording their next album.