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Notch Above will start to record debut album!!

We have some great news!! We are starting to record our debut album in the beginning of June!! The plan is to release it already during this year.

Because of the album release we have less songs at the pages now because of course we want you to listen all great Notch Above songs from our upcoming album :)

Stay tuned for news and updates.

- Notch Above crew

Notch Above on Hard Rock Rising 2014 -competition!!

We'd need your help!! We are participating on Hard Rock Rising 2014 -competition and we would need your vote to proceed to next level and hopefully winning the whole competition :)

You can give your vote by simply downloading our song: https://www.facebook.com/HardRock.Helsinki?sk=app_205164529573076&app_data=eyJpZCI6IjI2NzYiLCJhcnRpc3RfaWQiOiIzMzYxNzgzIn0%3D&ref=ts

Thank YOU so much!!

New video clip!!

Hello Folks!! On our ReverbNation page you can find a new video clip from vocal recording session for the brand new song!! Check it out!! This song and couple of others will be published soon!!

Some status update!!

Tomorrow we are going to have some interesting stuff at our rehearsals and by that I mean some live photoshoots and live recordings ;) Stay tuned!!

Feelin' so great!!

We just wanted to say how awesome this "journey" here at the ReverbNation has already been. We have met so many great artists, bands and very nice people in general. We'd like to thank all of you who have been supporting us!! It's so great but still humble feeling to be number ONE on ReverbNation ranking!!!

Couple of more things should be mentioned here as well, we are going to start doing concerts during this fall and let's meet you there!!! We are also looking for a record deal. Some new band members will be announced as well, so stay tuned ;)!!



Notch Above mobile app is here!!

You can put us now also to your phone and listen songs, see videos and photos wherever you go. You are also first to know what's happening. Enjoy :)!!