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From the Yellow Sea to the Green Mountains

i was born in Seoul, Korea of missionary parents. My grandfather was a medical missionary in Manchuria, China where my mother was born. Granddad built a mission hospital in the boonies near Korea and saved the lives of thousands of people every month, Chinese, Korean, White Russians escaping from the Bolshevik persecutions, and Japanese.

i grew up listening to the Top 40 from Los Angeles on the American Forces Korea Network, devouring and memorizing every note of the rare albums we acquired from the States, and hearing Korean folk music which is totally passionate, with amazing rhythms rarely in 4/4 time.

My first professional gig was for a Sweetheart Banquet in Taejon, Korea where I met 3 potential girlfriends in one day! This was a windfall considering there were only 6 girls in my class in Seoul. I played folk music while my friend, David Worth hand held a microphone for me. No mike stands in the house.

Doug Southworth and i teamed up as a band and we made 12 track recordings using two reel to reel recorders, going back and forth. With several folk bands and rock bands in our history, we formed a trio and won the all Korea battle of the bands, playing Hendrix, Beatles, and Cream covers, and 70% originals. We had tunics made from Korean brocade, and my bass amp speaker was a Fender, hand mounted in a sheet of plywood.

We won the battle of the bands but there were only two in the country. But the other band was really good, had two drummers and all the equipment in the world. They were from the Army School (our arch rivals in soccer and basketball) and they were not happy that we won at all. The judges were from AFKN radio and were DJs, but some of the students decided to wait for us out back when we loaded our equipment, to beat us up. Fortunately, one of the soldiers from the base helped us load, and he was a giant with a chain around his neck. Our would be attackers gradually melted away and we were off.

Moving back to the States for college, i teamed up with my brother Bill who had toured Europe and the States and cut a record. We played across the U.S. and cut our own record. I went solo two years later.

i bought my own recording gear to offset the high cost of recording, and made albums for 40 or so artists. One of those productions got a Critics Choice Album of the Year from Billboard Magazine. That was with Jan Krist- great folk artist and friend.

i've made 14 records of my own now, and toured Europe, Eastern Europe, the USA, Canada, South and Central America, and the Bahamas.

My favorite place to spend an afternoon or days would be Hawaii. That is the hardest place to leave, of all the places i have left.

My music is a mix of love songs, travel, nature, and songs of faith, and making the world a better place.