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An update on whats to come , 2013 closed with a great close , Stephanie was selected as a featured artist for the Independent Music Awards ,She has won an Award for Best Song in 2013 for So Can Angels ,She has been selected as one of the top 15 artist for 2013 for a Nashville radio station with air play. 2013 ended with a great big surprise with her 1st offer for distribution . Stephanie quickly went to work on ideas with her coaches and along with her management have added to her growing team. Stephanie is also in the process of having her family build her a home based studio so she can record at home on her off days. Some new folks to the team. Miss Bethany - Acting and stage coaching Mr Adrian B- Singer/songwriter/producer Mr.Ron J - Singer/songwriter/ producer Hip Hop Mr Eric B- Animation and Voice Overs Ms Angela S- Business Manager

Happy Holidays

Just wanted to take a special moment out to wish my fans ,friends and family a very Happy Holiday , One fan I wish to wish a very special Happy Birthday to John Chris , may your 18th birthday be special always you will always hold that special place in my heart .Thank you my brother enjoy your day . For the rest of Stephanie's fans some big news about to happen for 2014 we are back in the studio working along side of some pretty big hitters making some pretty big hits. Besides having a few special songs to come out we have some amazing cover songs on its way to our fans an friends , Just a quick update Stephanie is playing on the radio out of Nashville Tn,


Does Miss Stephanie need an excuse to wear Pink , Well if you know this little lady you will know No excuse is needed for her to be wearing Pink . This month she will kick off her Diva's Wear Pink go on over to her store or visit her website for details. Stephanie is working hard on something special for Girls her age. this little lady is busy between school , Piano , Vocal lessons. Dance lessons and Drama lessons she still has time to show her love for others around her. Stephanie has a special little treat for everyone her very 1st Christmas cd this is a Cd filled with special treats and Love . For every cd sold Stephanie will send a autographed photo to her fans. Later before the end of the year Stephanie will also release her next single. But you will need to wait on details Be sure to visit The little girl On top of the world www.stephneumann.com Team Steph .3 Haley

Video people being interviewed

The Stephanie staff is now interviewing people to do an up and coming video and video press kit . All I can say at this point is the video will be fun and exciting for everyone Keeping everyone updated From the coast sitting on the beach Haley

Sales of the cd

Sales of Stephanie's cd are going great , we have sold a number of cds already . So what is next you ask Stephanie Neumann and team are working on something just as big a song for every young girl to enjoy and wait did you hear it will be in other languages as well.Well honestly did you expect anything different from the Little Girl On The Top Of The World. Stephanie is enjoying her weekend off before school starts , and we go into production of the next song.~From the beaches of La ~ Haley

A record and a dream

A few more hours to go before Stephanie's new hit single drops for every album she sells she will donate $2.00 to a charity for Sandy Hook Children. Stephanie has been working really hard on this song and we hope you will share it as much as we will. You will hear the dedication and the love that Stephanie has put into the song, We would like to thank some people for the hard work and dedication they have put into the Angels On A Hill project. 1 ) Evan Lee - taken time to write words from the heart 2) Maya Nova -who each works teach's Stephanie to be a better and more professional singer 3 ) to Elizabeth Ann Kelly who plays the violins on the song when you think angels you think the sound of what Elizabeth has brought to life. 4 ) On Track Studios your dedication and hard work has been a big help to all of us . 5 ) to Haley - Jada- Cassandra - Vanessa , we know Stephanie thanks each and everyone of you for your hard work and dedication.6 ( to Stephanie;s parents - brother- sister family and friends - we all cant thank you enough for the dedication and hard work you have put into this project .thank you for sharing Stephanie with us and the world and to Stephanie's management team who everyday has pushed this project to the max. Thank you to Sonya - Ray J and Rose Marie ~ and to all who read my blogs Thank you be ready this little girl is on a mission and we are really taking on the world, 3 Haley

New song

New song drops Friday as an official date. In the mean time Stephanie is working on building her song book up and a lot of work is ahead of her. Her vocal coach has given her more work to do and she has added more songs to her catalog of songs. Wait till you see what is next for Stephanie ~ A new song is about to happen for steph and her team all's we can say right now is think Girls day out ~ however I will tell you this ( call it confessions from an inside person ~ Stephanie will be singing in different languages ) so this you will need to watch and listen for very soon .


Dedication - hard work and great people , well yes everyone Stephanie has completed her first single cd and all's we can say is OH wait till you hear this Grab a tissue folks this is good , Our little girl has blossomed in a brilliant flower . My first take to listen I was laying down watching tv and doing work when i had to turn down what I was doing sit straight up in the bed and listen 2 or more times. I called Rose Marie some where around 12 am eastern time and said omg you need to listen now because , I can not believe the sounds we have out of our little girl. I listened to the track about 20 to 50 more times between last night and today and I hear dedication , I hear Stephanie telling a story , I hear songwriting team putting in tears and dedication to the song, I hear a vocal coach spending hours upon hours of dedication to a singer , I hear a singer - a vocalist - a dancer- a model - an actress- working hard doing here thing- I hear a little angel telling her story - telling a story of what happened it brings tears to my eyes till today of those children Thank you Stephanie for telling this story - I love the cd cover I love the smile the hard work the dedication you have put into this project Stephanie you have worked hard and One amazing song has come out of it . Thank you to the following members who have brought this song to life. So Can Angels a dedication to Sandy Hook Management team ~ Sonya P and Rose Marie Advisor ~ Ray J Vocal Coach ~ Maya Nova Songwriter ~ Evan Lee Musicians ~ Evan Lee and Elizabeth Kellly Administrators Haley and Jada Studio On Track Studios Cd Cover Tokio K Published 2013

Thanks to the amazing help of Stephanie's family and friends especially to her Mom and Dad and Brother and Sister , Without each of you we could have not made this song happen, thank you for encouraging Stephanie for taking the time to make her smile in the hard parts and keep it real in the easy parts to this . Thank you all for being on this ride together with us . Until the next blog Haley

Studio Update

So Friday Stephanie will be recording at with On track Studios ~ along side of Maya as the mother - Evan Lee as the father and Stephanie we soon will have a final product of So Can Angels Wait till you see the final product .on this

Start of the week

Hey all we are trying to update Stephanie blog her website and other things she is doing . We are growing our team around Stephanie as the days start. Already have a great Vocal coach , a fantastic songwriter and producer ,super talented musicians , a few super talented well published photographers, a great staff of management , advisors administrators , bloggers ,and now we just added the very talented acting coach. - Stephanie is off to the studio this week to work on a song which will be up and out for sale very soon .