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Slow Goin'

Thanks to all who have checked out this page - it is MUCH appreciated!! You may notice that the most recent albums are incomplete... Alas, there has not been s much guitar time lately as there was for awhile there... Tons of tunes waiting to be recorded for both Love & Peace and 4th Flag. They won't be quick in coming out, but they'll get here eventually!! Rock on and spread some love my brothers and sisters!!!


Watchin' too much news on the TV lately... tired of our "leaders" lying to us then lying about lying... come on, man!

Freedom’s not a right, it’s a responsibility. When those in power deny it, we must fight to be free, Never forget, to those in the seat of power, Freedom fighters will always be the enemy.

When our elected officials forget That their role is to govern, not to rule, To serve and not to control, Then good men must rise up and resist,

For evil thrives When good men rest, And blessings flee, when we Forget that we’ve been blessed,

Freedom isn’t free And we all know the price, We must honor those who have Made that sacrifice,

When those in power would Deny our warriors’ honor, When they would punish those Whose lives protect ours,

When the evil of power Has corrupted to the point That our heroes are prosecuted And persecuted

And our enemies are protected By the rights which our warriors preserve, It’s our duty to remind them That by our voice they serve

And we must OVERTHROW!!!! OVERTHROW!!!! Rise up righteous souls, And OVERTHROW!!!!

Our founding fathers would weep At what this nation has become, When our leaders ridicule patriots And fear good men with guns,

When bleeding hearts cry For the wounded pride of the Evil men who would destroy Our way of life.

When our leaders protect The rights of those Who would steal those Rights from us,

When those who govern Refuse to govern themselves And trample the Constitution Upon which this nation was built

In their never-ending quest For ever more power When they care more about keeping their jobs Than doing their jobs,

We must OVERTHROW!!!! OVERTHROW!!!! Rise up righteous souls, And OVERTHROW!!!!

We shout that we Want term limits For those that We elect,

But we ignore our own apathy, They are all limited to a single term If we’ll get off our asses And vote their asses out -

OVERTHROW!!!! OVERTHROW!!!! Rise up righteous souls, And OVERTHROW!!!!

If u make music...

If u make music, make music u love... if others love it too, that is way cool... but if not, as long as U love it u will always be a star!

Remember... we r ALL rock stars... just for some of us, the rest of the world has yet to realize it...