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TESTIFY!!! The public speaks on KNOTHEAD!!! (taken from eventful.com)

"Knothead represents the truest vision of artistry in lyricism, relying on his experience in this crazy world and not pulling any punches. A true grassroots music pioneer. His intelligent lyrics are lifted up by the smart, powerful musical constructs of his producer, Robert Keyes. Hell Yeah!!" Loren- Hadlock, Washington

"Knothead has tons of energy. His style is unique. His lyrics are sick, his flows untouchable. He reps the wicked shit in one of the best ways I've seen." Belgeno- Flagstaff, Arizona

"He's got a lot more unique talent than 4/5ths of the "people" on MTV and BET.... You can bet that Knothead keeps it real more than those "ghetto" millionaires who dress like rich bitch white people... listen to Knothead and find the song Stompin' which was how I fell in love with the artist from Spokane... I think of him when Violent J mentions Spokane in wicked wild from the outer space record..." John- Springfield, Virginia

"I would prostitute myself to get some Knothead tickets" Zuggalo9011- Plant City, Florida

"Knothead is hella cool. I got to meet him personally and to all in the Boise metro area, you need to bring this sick artist to your town..." Havok503- Boise, Idaho

"Knothead speaks the truth... I need Knothead like a muthaf**kin' drug!!"- CrazyJ23- Auburn, Washington

"(The music) is the shit, it's been stuck in my head since I first heard it" Ronald- Owensboro, Kentucky

"Come on man, we need some Knothead here too!!"- Armyguy82- Columbus, Ohio

"Knothead ROCKS!!!! This is where they filmed the Evil Dead Movie... Lotta underground hardcore music Rap and metal Play in Morristown....Send Knothead this way and I guarantee it'll be more than worth it....Rock on!!" Rsin- Morristown, Tennessee

"People with talent like Knothead's shouldn't be confined to performing in one state, so on behalf of Buffalo and the rest of New York, It would be honor for Knothead to perform here...." Peanut- NYC/Buffalo

"Bring Knothead to El Paso..." Zenlee- El Paso, Texas

"I tell you right now, Knothead is one of the hardest, if not THE hardest motherfu**ers ever to hit the airwaves. If you have'nt heard his beats and lyrics, I suggest you put your nose to the grindstone and pick up some of his CD's"... Skandalus1- Moses Lake, Washington

"I love Knothead. I have only been to one concert ever, and would love to make them my second!" Vanperela- Morgan City, Louisiana

"I've missed every goddamn concert he's done and now I'm stuck in fu**ing South Korea in the Army!" Jagerboy- Seoul, Seoul Teugbyeolsi, South Korea

"Knothead kicks ass... plain and simple" Nick James- Marion, Indiana

"Knothead will stomp all over your face..." Bloodgirl- Las Vegas, Nevada

"I am a big supporter of the underground music scene and I would love to see Knothead in concert in Oklahoma City. I listen to his music like everyday and I love it. If he came to Oklahoma I would bring all the homies I know..." Rastalo- Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

"I have only got to hear Knothead's music online, but it is so fresh that I would love nothing more than to see the man do his thing live on stage. I'm sure that he would not disappoint!! PLEASE COME TO HOUSTON!!!" Jonjon- Houston, Texas

"Pretty much all my friends love the sound. My husband and I are addicted to it!!! Gotta come to Portland!!!"- Chrissie- Portland, Oregon

Re: My "moral responsibility" to society as a hip-hop artist...

Sometimes artists of "high morals" (a subjective, relative, open to interpretation term) do their best to mind what they see to be their moral responsibility. Sometimes (possibly very rarely) that is the WHOLE purpose of the art. Combine that with soul-searching/self-psychiatry, and you have the forces that created KNOTHEAD. But is not always construed as such, and sometimes people are completely unwilling to consider the possibility that things might not be the way they first appear, because their minds are completely made up, and they refuse to be changed. Back when I started rapping in and around the small towns in the county I grew up in (and honestly, I'm just waiting for it to happen again), they wanted to put me on the cross, like the county and those surrounding never had a meth infestation before I put out an album. My music is and was intended to be informational, cautionary tales, not promotional or glorifying in any way. My heavily auto-biographical lyrical content is designed to start a dialogue about meth. I think people need to talk about it more. People need more information and education on it and what it can do to people. So I tell them what it did to me. I know reasonable people can see the difference between those telling a story for the purpose of education, and those being shamelessly exploitative. You may think it's ridiculous, but in my own little way, however unorthodox it may be, I'm trying to help educate people about meth, not get them to go out and try it.

But not every consumer is intelligent enough to tell the difference. To some, the mere mention is equal to glorification and promotion. If you don't get it, then you just don't get it, but don't put words in my mouth, and misconstrue me as someone who would ever do such a horrible thing when it was such an integral part of my original mission statement to make people talk about the problem to get it more out in the open.

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