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Haymarket Whiskey Bar/ Plastic bubble and Skin Tone

Haymarket Whiskey Bar was an amazing introduction for us to Louisville. The day was a Thursday and the crowd was absent, but the venue was very cool. The Bar area and venue area were separated by an outside private common area. This venue really captured the essence of Old Town Louisville but kept it "personal". A very nice escape. Opening up the show was a jewel among jewels for indie lovers alike. Plastic Bubble is a four piece from Louisville featuring Guitar, Key-tar, Synth/ Keyboard, and a live drum kit. Feel-good vibes and all smiles, this band was as much of a pleasure to listen to live as they were to listen to in the weeks preceding the show. Catchy melodic lines, repeating through your head as if they were intended to be there. A nice mix of groovy slower jams to almost 'head-bang' worthy quick paced rock tracks, this band keeps it fresh through out their set. I really love these guys sound and We Already Are will be playing with them (Hopefully) with in the next few months in Lexington.

You can find these guys @ https://www.facebook.com/theplasticbubble

We Already Are was very happy to follow these guys, but we wont tell you about ourselves, you'll just have to come to a show. The next band up was Damage Therapy and with a new album coming up soon, I don't want to ruin anything quite yet so just HOLD ON COWPEOPLE!! for... Skin Tones! If personality or 'rock your face off' was missing in any of the acts, Skin Tones personally stepped up to the plate. The only three piece of the night, these guys were a trip. Seriously, hypnotic. Composing a journey is difficult, but Skin Tones built this set from the bottom up. Each track fed so well from each preceding track. The bass player held steady, swaying from side to side keeping the threads of reality alive as the vocalist and guitarist molded the distorted 'amp-to-eleven' sound breathing in and out with dynamic very seldom preformed so naturally. The backing vocalist and drummer felt like what Freud called the 'Id', the animal apart of all of us. Skin Tone is a living, breathing entity.

Check these guys out and ASK THEM FOR MUSIC TO LISTEN TO!! https://www.facebook.com/skintoneband

Thanks to everybody who participated in this show and We Already Are gives you love. We'll see you guys soon ^_^