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Hard Rock Nights Review!!

“With a track-list of five tunes, a reviewer might be tempted to label Kickin’ Valentina’s new self-titled EP “short and sweet”, but that would be dead wrong. This EP is short, hard, sweaty, sleazy, rough, rocking and hot. Sweet? Not so much, but who the heck needs sweetness when you’ve got a ripping album like this? Kickin’ Valentina is a new acquaintance for me, but oh lord, this album won me over in about 2 seconds flat. How could I resist? This is hard-rocking sleaze-rock. No doubt about it: this is the good stuff.” - Hard Rock Nights (Apr 07, 2014)

We need you!!

We have tremendous love and appreciation for all of the support, both online and in person, that our fans have shown to us over the past year. We are lucky to be a part of such a great community of people who still believe in the power and the joy of rock and roll that you have come to expect from Kickin Valentina. So many of you have asked how you can help us keep pushing, so we finally decided to run a pledge campaign http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/kickinvalentina. And rather than just make it a studio project (cool as that might be), we wanted to center the whole thing on getting a chance to come out and see as many of your sexy mother fuckers as we can this summer! So take a look at our pledge campaign and let us know "what you'd like and where you'd like us" this summer. We appreciate you giving what you can so that we can rock your asses off all summer long, up close and in the flesh. http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/kickinvalentina

Kickin Valentina First “Venom Nation” Featured Artist of 2014!

Kickin Valentina as the featured artist in the first 2014 Episode of The Venom Nation Radio Show!http://www.venomnationradio.com/2014/01/01/kickin-valentina-first-venom-nation-featured-artist-of-2014/#more-16

Big News!!

Very happy to announce that Kickin Valentina will now be working with International based Emerald Music Management. Some really cool things coming in 2014!! So Get Ready!!!


All right people!! We are running a promo!!

The next 25 people that go to our website and purchase an EP and or a shirt will get 1 FREE ticket to our show at The Masquerade with Pop Evil! So hurry don't miss out!! www.kickinvalentina.com


We have advance tickets for sale for The Masquerade show with Pop Evil on November 17th! Go to www.kickinvalentina.com and get some and while your there pick up our EP and other cool stuff! Rock on you sexy mofo's!!

Go get some!!

Please go to www.kickinvalentina.com to purchase some cool stuff, you can also download EP or singles at Amazon or itunes. Also available at all our shows!! Thanks and keep ROCKING!!! THIS SATURDAY AT THE MASQUERADE IS THE CD RELEASE SHOW! BE THERE!!

It's here!!

The EP's are in!! Please go to www.kickinvalentina.com or you can download at Amazon or itunes. Also available at all our shows!! Thanks and keep ROCKING!!!

Single release

Just released our first single! Please go download it! Thank you and keep rocking!


Almost done!!

The EP is almost done!! We want to thank everyone for your pre-orders..you guys are fucking amazing! We can't wait for you to hear it!!