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Nothing Like It...

So, it's that time again. 3rd Annual 93.7 WBLK Unsigned Hype Award Show hitting Buffalo NY, April 23rd 2011.

Am I excited? Of course I am. This is the time I show the world that me winning the Artist of the Year award in 2010 was not a fluke. There have been many discussion around my town about the validity of the awards, and how nobody who wins at the award show goes anywhere or does anything.

Well, I don't know why people think just because you win an award the grind stops and everything is handed to you from there. Winning just gives you another reason to go harder than you've ever gone.

Before I won last year, I set my sites out on being the best artist I could. Not for the accolades; so I can prove to my peers that I belong in the same conversation as them. Oddly, when I won the award is when people started treating me different. Praising me when I didn't feel like I did enough to deserve it. But, then a friend told me, "You have to enjoy the fruits of your labor sooner or later because if you don't the thrill will be gone and you'll miss your chance to say look what I did."

I realize, one the thrill is gone, nobody will care what I did so...I grind as hard as I can to make my presence in the game felt. And hopefully on April 23rd 2011 ...I'll be on stage 4 different times to say look what I did!!!

I'm the best WNY has to offer so, Label Reps, show me the MONEY!!!! cause ...#iStayBizzy

2 Months

This one's short...

My latest Single "We Rock" has had radio rotation every week for 2months straight.

So, if you haven't heard it, listen then download it.

Stay Bizzy

Welcome To Reality

So I was chatting a couple of my people about what it takes to make it in the music industry. We all came to the conclusion that, "without the proper supporting cast, the ship won't sail." So, I begin to wonder, "How can I succeed as a successful artist when everyone in my circle is an artist that believes in their music more than mine?" It's absolutely impossible to see a vision through when the pieces to your puzzle see the end result differently. If those around you don't believe in the outcome, or it doesn't fit there idea of success...time to move on. Figure out what you want, make a plan, and stick to it. If you start to feel like the people around you are hendering you from your expected result, replace them. We must remember, this is a BUSINESS! If you work a job but, only perform at a novice to moderate level; it's may not work forever. Eventually, as your businesses product quality improves, the builders of that product should improve. If they become stagnant, so does your product. Stay Bizzy Striving for Excellence...don't settle!

And The Winner Is...

Okay so, my Cities Biggest radio station 93.7 WBLK had it's 2nd Annual Unsigned Hype Awards. This award show is to celebrate the best and brightest stars in the Western New York and Greater Toronto, Ontario areas. I just so happen to have taken home the coveted "ARTIST OF THE YEAR" AWARD. Some might think I'd let that go to my head. Yeah, a little bit. But, the real question is what's next. We still struggle getting good air time (Unsigned Hype Show airs at 10pm-12pm on Friday only). During the majority of the week, usigned artist don't see the light of day of major radio stations. I've done some research and found out that the Canadian Government has mandated radio stations to set aside 20% of their air time to Independent Artists. Not to mention the government grants and funding available to be a full time artist. And Canada is not the only country to have these types of mandates...I'll let you research it for yourself. Long story short...the Machine is alive and breathing. We mmust do everything in our power to allow for our artistic aabilities to have a large stage without the help of the corporate machine... So it's a must we Unite. Stop the hate... BUT IF UR MUSIC IS WHACK... U MUST STAND BACK... THEY'RE LOOKING FOR NEW EMPLOYEES AT MICKEY D'S...LOL J/K BUT NOT REALLY

Get a Grip....Rapper!!!!

I've come to the realization that just being an artist is like just being a guy that changes tires. Expecting the same money as the know-it-all mechanic is not gon' happen homie. As an artist you must always be willing to push the envelope and try new things. Not just with sound, with your entreprenurial spirit as well. Try your hand and writing for someone other than yourself. From the female perspective. Try acting, learing how to read music. TODAY IS THE DAY I PLEDGE TO EXPAND MY ABILITIES BEYOND MAKE A GREAT SONG...MY MISSION IS TO BE LEGENDARY SO I GOTTA.... STAY BIZZY!!!!

Rap Beef...

Beef wit rappers has become so irrelevant. Most rappers nowadays only rappin' bout partyin' so, how is there any beef. So many fabrications about how much money they been gettin'. If everybody gettin' soooo much money, how do you we end up beefin'. Maybe the hate factor is the reason for such bafoonery!!!?

Need Beats...?

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