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Gettin' new airplay today by several stations!

COOL! ol' TC has songs playin' on the radio and a new interview on several radio stations in the midwest right now! Thanks DJ and music promoter Beth Hunter at KIIC 96.7

Check out my gospel demo!


#1..COOL! THANKS folks!

WOW!...very cool to see that my music is at number 1 today for SW missouri region! Just got off the bus an hour ago back home from Nashville! Played the Opry last night..seen some olds friends there..and had a blast closing the show with my boss Moe Bandy and the Americana band! A privilage and pleasure to play the Opry for sure! Hope you keep liking my songs and sharing! More to come soon,..thanks again folks!

NALEDi  (over 4 years ago)

there's nothing quite like getting on a bus to Nashville or off a bus from Nashville. well except maybe playing the big O, but I wouldn't know anything about that:) congratulations on the numero uno. best wishes, n.

GRAND OLE OPRY tonight June 22nd with Moe Bandy!

Howdy all and a good mornin' to ya'! yep i'm up early.....got to go jump on the bus and run down to nashville and play the Opry tonight with Moe Bandy & the Americana Band.....of which I am proudly a part of! I play piano/keys and harmony vocals for Moe! GREAT gig too! anyway..have a great weekend all!

Playin' the GRAND OLE OPRY tomorrow nite!

GRAND OLE OPRY!! Nashville....tomorrow night...Moe Bandy & the Americana Band! I'm quite proud to be a part of the group! Gonna have a blast playin' there! catch us on the tube or internet or radio!

WOW! new song is kickin'! still at #3

Howdy all...and thanks for all the plays...almost 200 plays of new song "ON MY OWN AGAIN" in a day! still at #3 regionally Branson and SW MO! If ya' like the tunes...hope you will share with your friends! Also...I will be playin' the Grand Ole Opry in nashville this coming Saturday night June 22 with my boss Mr. Moe Bandy and the Americana Band...of which I am a part of! Have a great week folks!

HAPPY FATHERS DAY!! still #3 regionally!

Howdy all and HAPPY FATHERS DAY!! to my late Dad! He was cool fellow and a good and very hard workin' man! I miss him everyday...and know I always will! and be thankful everyone who still has your dad alive...its a real blessing! wow....my music has been at #2 adn #3 for 3 weeks now! Thanks so much folks for the continued plays and support! please keep sharing my links if you like the music! new song coming soon too!

NEW SONG UP! 4/4 COUNTRY to the core!

Howdy all...hope everyone is well and had a great weekend! I was on the road this weekend doin' shows with my boss "Moe Bandy & the Americana Band"..of which I am a part of! Back home now and as promissed..just uploaded another tune "To Lonely To Long"! This is uptempo 4/4 country to the core....so hope ya' listen and share the link everywhere! have a great Monday folks! thanks for the continued support...still at #3 regionally!

COOL folks!.....at #2 today!

Howdy all and thanks for the continued plays and support....and sharing with your friends on FB! the more likes...means the more plays and ears we reach! have a great weekend!


Howdy folks! hope all are well today and had an awesome Memorial Day weekend! Just uploaded a third song here! Hope ya' check it out...I have always like this song! Also...we're still #3 regionally here in SW Missouri...thanks for all the continues plays and sharing my music and links with your friends! Ya'll are kickin' it! THANKS!