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If you're reading this..

...you've wandered into our new RN page, which could be a good thing for you, us, and anyone looking over your shoulder. For those who don't know, Torchbearer is a new band with a name I stole from myself, from a studio project in 2004 I did with Sam (guitar) and Ryan from the excellent and inventive band Poison the Well. Fast forward 4 years, and with Nora on hiatus, I'm at loose ends, so I take up once again with Sam (who did time in the Low End Theory, as well as being a long-time Nora and Burnt by the Sun roadie), and along with Dan and Amit (formerly of Mother Night and Hellhole, two New Brunswick bands of note) and CJ (RSO, Hellhole, and about two hundred other bands), and we started the whole process of pummeling the shit out of our respective instruments all over again. If you're interested in other TB material, well, we recently recorded a 7-song EP which should be available online soon in it's complete package.. but for now you can hear 3 songs on this page,as well as several more at http://www.myspace.com/torchbearer .

Welcome aboard, camper, it's a long fucking ride. -c.ross