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"I have worked with a lot of drummers in my days, but Joey PerfectTime Riggins is DEFINITELY THE REAL DEAL. My hat goes off to this cat for his musical God-given gift. He's NOT done......KUDOS, to him." Willie Stewart, CEO/Producer, Lively Records, Dallas, Texas

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"Yeah......I had fun working with this cat. It's always nice working with musicians who take their craft seriously. This is one of those cats" Najee, Saxophonist/National Recording Artist

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"Man, it was really nice playing with Joey PerfectTime while working with Najee......a lot of times if we can't take our original band out on the hits, cats don't do their homework. But this guy made the performance[s] fun and easy to play because he DID his homework and learned the music BEFORE the rehearsals and the hit." Rod Bonner, Musical Director, Keys/Najee Charles "Chuck" Johnson, Guitarist/Najee

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"Joey PerfectTime Riggins is one of my favorite drummers.....for live performances or DEFINITELY session work. He's also great to work with, and a great guy as well" Carey Wise-Engineer/Producer 4th Creations Recording Studios

The Groovemaster

Man, Joey"Perfect Time"Riggins is "Rock Solid" when it comes to timekeeping." You NEVER have to worry about where the groove is."-Ricky Jackson, Dave Youngblood, Sugarhouse Band, Shreveport, LA.

Work Ethics

"I have played with Joey "Perfect Time" Riggins off and on for some years, and when I work with him, his playing, musicianship, and work ethic helps keep me disciplined in my playing."

V Michael McKay National Gospel Choir Director, Songwriter

V Michael McKay National Gospel Director, Songwriter

Great Pocket Player

"We might have discussions on the arrangements of a song, but once we start playing the song, there's no question about where one is." "Always a pleasure to work with this guy. "

Ricky Jackson, Guitars Sugarhouse, The No Refund Band

Playin' the groove. .....

"It was really great playing with this guy".Really wonderful playing".Both shows in Houston on May 3-4 2013 were killin'".

Marion Meadows, Saxophonist/ National Recording Artist

Playin' the groove. .....

I've played with alot of different drummers in my days......but Joey"Perfect Time"Riggins........wow, this guy is the REAL DEAL!! Dave Youngblood, Bass, ,Sugarhouse