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New Single On Trap House Radio Tonight

Much respect to Trap House Radio! They are throwing my new single with Ed E Ruger & Sadat X in their rotation tonight right after an interview with the legendary Smiff N Wessun!

#NoSuckazAllowed http://tunein.com/radio/TRAP-HOUSE-ROCKS-RADIO-s194911/

No Suckaz Allowed

Carolina vets Ed E. Ruger & Ty Bru are back w/ "No Suckaz Allowed" feat Sadat X. Known for their monster collabs, music on award winning TV series' & constant shows w/ Industry heavyweights, Its only right that they brought a legend back with them; Hip Hop Pioneer Sadat X of Brand Nubian. With production from Jon Jackson of The Boondocks Cartoon and scratches from DuBBoro's DJ Phillie Phresh, “No Suckaz Allowed” boasts a high level of reminiscent boom-bap hip-hop. Showcasing top notch lyrical delivery from all three emcees, which are as “in your face” as they get, while staying true to each of their own respective styles, this song is the perfect mash up of 2 generations of hip hop; the original golden era of the 90's & the lyrical assassins of today’s renaissance in the rap game.

My Song With Sadat X

Last night I got the final mix of my song with the legendary Sadat X of Brand Nubian plus my Iconoclast Crew brother, Ed E. Ruger. AND HOT DAMN IT SOUNDS GREAT!

I am beyond excited about this song, produced by Jon Jackson, the overall feel is boom-bap fresh.

On top of that, DJ Phillie Phresh added some strong scratches alongside our lyrics to enhance the feel to an ultimate "in your face" hip hop massacre from all three of us emcees.

I went all out on my verse and brought back the old "Brown Bag Bru" style that I perfected in 2008, so be warned, it's violent and angry!!

I am beyond humbled to collaborate once again with one of the artists that I looked up to from an early age when I began falling in love with the art-form of hip hop.

We are waiting on the single art and a few other things before we release it, but best believe it's coming within a matter of days and you won't be disappointed, so stay tuned on when and where, it's called "No Suckaz Allowed"

Judging The Dirty South Beatdown 12

Last night I was one of the Judges for North Carolina's biggest producer battle and to my knowledge the only 16 producer bracketed battle in the country.

I have competed in five of these battles myself, getting to the semi-finals was the farthest I got in any of them. The competition was and has always been fierce. I mean most of these producers hold nothing back and take it super serious.

Last night was not any different. The first round had a few producers that definitely need to step their game up, but that's exactly what the first round is for, to weed them out quickly.

I was pleased beyond words the usage of boombap style production that I have always been in love with. Along with that hard body type feel, most producers used some top notch samples where they chopped up and placed them in the right places almost every time.

I don't regret any of my decisions that I made as a judge, some of the folks I didn't vote for were in my circle and some that I did vote for, I never got along with in the first place, however my job was to judge the beat and how it was delivered on the playing field of battle, so I did so with no bias.

Jurdz Beats is that dude to look out for EVERY TIME. This dude has crazy talent and his sample choices fit his persona perfectly. I always love seeing producers get into their work to the point where they mimic the drum sticks or playing keys on the piano. To me that means they know their work inside and out, they put dedication into crafting the whole package, even after the beat is done, they still work on how it makes them feel.

Millie Vaughn, ArmenHammer & AP Apostle all mastered this type of hype. AP being the most fun to watch, he just doesn't care what his opponents or the crowd think, he is one with his beat. That dude has pissed off some of his opponents in the past pretty bad!

One thing that disappointed me was the genre specific round. The theme was to use a jazz sample and make a beat out of it. Neither one of the producers used the authentic vinyl type sample that one would expect when it comes to jazz. I mean there is power in the fuzziness that the needle provides.

I was content enough with the outcome of the battle and the new champion, ArmenHammer, however it was not us Judges that made that decision, it was close enough that we decide to go into overtime, which then gives all the power to the crowd, which ended up in double overtime.

With that being said, there is such a great pool of talent here in North Carolina, I would love to work with at least a dozen of those producers.

Be on the lookout for DSB 13, you wont want to miss it.

Thanks for reading, and make sure you become a fan of my music if you aren't already. 1ne TyBru

Recap Of January 2013

The first month of 2013 is over! And man was it a busy one for Mightier Than The Sword Records, Photography & Literature.

In case you didn't know, we are in the process of expanding and in the middle of a boo-koo of transitions.

Earlier in the month we welcomed a new artist on the label, R.O. http://rome845.bandcamp.com/ and things have been going very well with that aspect, tossing around ideas with some of production team about a a future R.O. album.

Even earlier than that, my crew, Iconoclast, hosted a welcome home party on my behalf at the Clubhouse. It was really great to be back home and tear up the stage with my musical family. I also feel like my solo set was one of the best in recent memory, where I switched things up from both old and newer tracks and included the brand new single, "Into Iron"

We have also made some management additions to MTTS, welcoming Matthew Willard as label management/ public relations, who has been doing an outstanding job thus far.

Also in January, we have added our long time, in-house producer Czientist to the official website http://www.mightierthantheswordrecords.com/Czientist--Production-.html and included the new Crystal Seth & Bubba Sparxxx official video using his production. This is a major move for MTTS!

As a final addition for the month, MTTS made it official to include Otrocity to our production team. This move was a major boost to the unit and moves are already being made for him to share main production credits for one of the installments of my "Triple Bypass" series. http://www.mightierthantheswordrecords.com/Otrocity--Production-.html

I have sold two of my photography pieces from the "Beholder" series and enjoyed time away from the triad for the Third Friday down at my home gallery, LabourLove Gallery in Durham, NC

As for my personal life and career moves involving the expansion of both myself and my company, MTTS. I signed a contract to work right outside of Shanghai for the majority of the year. With a scheduled departure date of Feb 20th. I will continue to perform, write and shoot photography and will plan to record during the summer when I return for two months starting July 1.

In February we will continue these transitions and expansion, so stay close to this page and if you haven't already, become a fan! 1ne TyBru

Starting From Scratch

At 3pm today I will be taking down all of my songs and slowly putting up newer ones mixed in with some that are up now. Be sure to head over and download the ones that are free now! 1ne TyBru

"April Showers" #8 On MTV's OurStage Charts

My Single Is Currently #8 On MTV's OurStage Charts. Check out the song and please share it if you are feeling it.

Produced by CzientistBeats Taken from the album Ty Bru "Heart Core Hip Hop"


103.1 FM Interview

On Jan. 5th at 6pm I'll be on 103.1 FM Performing Live, talking about Shanghai, Mightier Than The Sword Records and promoting my Welcome home show that will be at the Clubhouse Jan 11. All info for that show is right here in my calendar on Reverbnation. So please tune in, Tomorrow, JAN 5TH 6pm 103.1 FM Thank you for your support! If you aren't a fan, become one! 1ne TyBru

My Label's Official Website Updated

The official MTTS website has been updated and simplified for 2013. I encourage everyone to head over and check out not only my page, but all the other artists on our label that have extreme amounts of talent, as well as what else MTTS gets into aside from music. Monthly updates from now on, so be sure to keep checking back.



"T.I.M.E." Featured On New Mixtape

My single "T.I.M.E." (Prod. By Czientist For MTTS) was featured on Phenom Radio's Mixtape, "Road Noise" It's track 10. You can download the whole mix for free here. http://www.datpiff.com/Dj-Swayd-Road-Noise-mixtape.435048.html A big thank you to all the folks down at Phenom Radio that keep my music on permanent rotation. 1ne TyBru