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While the music in NOLA was mostly Funk, R&B, and Motown, the music in Memphis is mostly Blues... 12-bar blues at that. But we did see a Rockabilly band last night... they were really good and entertaining. I had never seen that music played live, so it was interesting to watch the bass player. I have an upright, but have never really spent much time on it. When we get back home, I'll try-out some of the slap techniques I saw that guy using.


This is our second trip to NOLA. The music scene in the Quarter is interesting: it's pretty much Funk Under Cover's song list!!! Another thing I noticed is that the bands from last year are still here (but often in a different venue). I'm sure the bands get some sort of guarantee, but ALL of them pass around a tip jar at least once/hr. We've heard some really good bands, but Funk Under Cover would be REALLY popular down here... not that I'd want to come down here (sorry, but the Quarter is NASTY).

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