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All sorts of NEWS!

So it has been a few months since we have updated you all on what's been going on. Within the past few months we have been able to recruit a bassist and a keyboard player, bringing the member count of Darkness Avowed to 5. We have been working very hard on getting the new members up to speed with all of the songs from the first album and the newer material which is going great. We will be looking to start playing shows hopefully before the year is over. We are planning on re-recording the first Darkness Avowed album with full members doing their parts, which will be very exciting to hit the studio for that. We have also recently acquired two template t-shirts for the band, which while not under production just yet, are what you are going to be seeing in our Merch. department along with other goodies. You can check out the t-shirts on our Facebook page, www.facebook.com/darknessavowed Once the shirts are available for purchase we will post an email that you can contact with size and appropriate information. Until next time minions! \m/ -Steve

Underground Metal Compilation

We've had the great opportunity to have our track "Horns Thrown High" on to a metal comp with some other seriously brutal bands. Check it out! http://undergroundmetal.bandcamp.com/album/compilation-volume-01


We are both big fans of Sepultura and especially their 91' album "Arise" so we covered "Sub-traction" from that album. Check it out! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AeVSjXdE0LQ


Hello all, a while back a blog was posted stating the there were rumors of a new member and potential songs. Well after a longer delay than initially thought, It is with great honor that today, I am happy and excited to announce the most recent addition to Darkness Avowed, blasting away on the drums and melting faces please welcome Chris Hannan! Though it is the last day of the year, we wanted to get the news out now so that early 2014 we can release absolutely new tracks, as we are already in the recording phase for a few tracks. Happy New Year all, may 2014 be the year things happen for you!


DA has an exciting announcement regarding new tracks, sound and a potential new solidified edition to the band. Stay tuned, all shall be revealed sometime this week. Stay brutal \m/ -Sven

*NEW TRACK* 9/9/13

Ok minions, DA has a newly summoned track in the works that is near completion! Release of this track will be sometime this week, 9/9/13-9/15/13 so stay tuned and keep checking back! the song will, of course, be posted upon its completion.


Alright guys, the Darkness Avowed Digital Album is now available for full (or individual track) download! The Actual CD will be available once stickers and booklet inserts are completed and can be shipped ANYWHERE! Keep all your Evil Eyes open for updates and new track releases from DA! www.bandcamp.com/darknessavowed

EP Coming SOON!

Minions, DA's debut EP is almost complete. A few more tracks to add and it will be finished and available for purchase via hard copy or download! Stay tuned! Very exciting!

Darkness Avowed has reached #10!

Thanks everyone for your awesome support on this project. I have jumped on the Olympia Metal scene charts to 10th in the city. Stay evil and keep supporting local music and music you can't live without! Prepare for a few more new releases and then it's back to work on new material. .:HAIL!:. -SVEN