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Back to the Studio

Going in studio today to clean up and add fresh vocals, harmonies and some lead tracks. Still hoping to have EP ready for February release.

Basic Tracks for EP are now done

We went into Studio last Saturday at Grizzly Studios. Recorded Bass, Drum, Acoustic Guitar basic tracks... Going back at the end of December to add Mandolin, vocal harmonies etc. Hope to have EP ready by Feb 1, 2014

New Web Site Up


Putting content on site this weekend

Live recording of my new song "You Got To Stop"

I just put "You Got To Stop" up. This is a live recording. I built this song with my looper.

More to come

I am going into Studio to record a 4 song EP in September. Look for some new music here soon.

New Song Video -"You Gotta Stop"

Just posted a live video of a new song I just wrote. Still rough but I wanted to play it live to see what people thought. Hope you like it..

Just bought the Fishman SA220 system

Starting to book gigs and getting tired of hauling my big PA into these smaller venues. So I worked with Sam Ash in Indy and was able to tryout the Fishman Buying it today for my solo/duo gigs

Hitting the Road

Well, I am ready to go and play live gigs where ever they will let me play. People, hit me up with suggestions of venues within 60 miles of Indy that I can contact and play my music........