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One Perfect Day

Blue skies of disarray a mask to darkness, Twinged with rainbows of false enlightenment's. In awe you are whilst in anguish I am!

The most perfect of days twinged in funeral processions. I see grey, blackened skies pouring phantom rain, The tears of angels fall in a mirage of sunshine rays. The wrath of Thor in silent haunting echoes, And the cardiac arrests of bullets like lightening.

Hop scotch chalked on the pavement, Yesterday laid the outline of my brother! In the park swinging carefree... Children, Yesteryear and tomorrow in the park hung our children swinging. Lovers embrace under the shade of the same branches, Amongst the same leaves, That a perfect tomorrow leaves stained with the blood of rape.

I thank God for awakening me from a delusional mind frame, In the hope of a perfect world or just one perfect day, Beneath this picturesque sky of illusion.

Masiela  (over 4 years ago)

Wow! Inspiring