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Fanning People back the easy way

I found a way of saving clicks by fanning peepz back from a dashboard screen I hadn't seen before. I have carpal tunnel so I try to save clicks when ever I can.

Working on beats for Seldom Seen.

Working on beats and getting some copyrights ready to send out.

Live video

Still shooting videos and checking in now and then tonight.

Another All nighter

Up all night working on a live video. I realized I shouldn't have cut my hair before shooting the footage.

Making a Static Image Video for "Carried Away"

I decided I could do better with a static image for now and come back to that project later. I'm getting close to recording new tracks for new songs.

See Free ReverbNation Widgets in Use on my site

Updated web site with RN Free Widgets. http://www.sountrax.com/Music_Videos.html

Test Rendering 81 frames of 3d video

Test Rendering 81 frames of 3d video without textures for Halloween video footage. Otherwise spent most of the day practicing guitar.

Uploading Video to Facebook from Cyberlink prog.

Uploading Music Video to Facebook from Cyberlink program. Nice feature.

New Facebook Music/ 3D Art page

New Facebook web address for my music and #3D #Artwork.#Stills #animation. https://www.facebook.com/Mike.Hounshell.Music

Creating a Storyboard for Video

Making 2 Videos. One static image with purchase link and one to experiment with for fun. I decided to make a storyboard for this one. I'll probably go with obscure stuff in the end. I don't know. This video stuff is fun to me.