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Harmonics are formed in our brains.

When it comes to pitch. It's all relative. Our minds detect pitch relations in 1/6th increments. It's what we call the scale.

Music Only Exists in You Mind

I'm reading a book called "This is Your Brain on Music". It talks about how music exists only in our minds and covers everything from physical acoustics to music theory and all points beyond. When a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, it does not make a sound.

Making a CD from a old band of mine

Found a former band mate on Facebook and I'm making him a CD or our material. He's an out of this world keyboard player and guitarist.

Laying down tracks

Laying down some tracks today and maybe doing a live video of a new song.

Making tutorial while Transferring Tracks to computer

Decided to make a tutorial about transferring tracks from my Tascam Neo2488 to my computer. I'm going to bring all of the tracks into a program I use called Studio 1 for editing and mixing. I'll be tweeking some tracks and adding some new drums to a Christmas song I recorded in 2011.

Today's ReverbNation Stats

I usually post in the morning but today I'm going to wait and let suspense build. Will he make it in the top ten for the Nation? Hmmmmm

Working on Christmas song tracks

Revamping "Can't wait to Celebrate (Christmastime)" tracks and remixing this week. I hope to have it done by Thanksgiving because everything is usually nuts after that until Santa comes.

Recording Ideas with recorder off

Went to listen back to a song idea from a few days ago only to fine out I didn't arm the right channel. Can't remember what I wrote now. I recorded another idea today but I really wish I could remember the other song.

Social Media

It seems the less time I spend on Facebook the more music I get done. While there is an existential value in social media, I have found it's best to leave it alone most of the time. .

Wiki Mention leads to Metal Wiki page.

http://metal.wikia.com/wiki/Mike_Hounshell My bio on Metal Wiki. I co-produced a classic metal CD for an Italian label. My involvement with the production of Pentagram's "Review Your Choices" lead to a mention on Wiki. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Review_Your_Choices