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Sweating Lyrics

I've had a song on the back burner for a few years and I think I'm ready to lay it down. It's always the lyrics that are the hardest for me. Sometimes they come all at once but most of time you just have to put the time into it.

Making it into a Prog Rock History Book

When I started out playing bass at 15 my goal was to be like Chris Squire from the band "Yes" and make that kind of music. After many years of trying to make it playing in different Rock/Pop bands I decided to go "all in" with a band that wanted to play Progressive Rock and take it all the way we could. Shortly after the band formed I had the chance to meet the members of Yes backstage at the Patriot Center in Va. I asked Chris Squire to autograph a poster I bought when my friend from the record company told me we were going to me Yes. At first Chris said no to my request and ended up talking to the original keyboard player from the band and Trevor Rabin. Later I saw Chris bent over a table in the reception area signing shirts and posters. Seeing my last chance of getting his autograph disappearing I walked up to him and said "You were the reason I bought a Rickenbacker bass when I was 15". He stopped what he was doing stood straight (man he is tall) and said "Really". I proceeded to tell him that I learned every single note he ever played and he looked surprised and gladly signed my poster. It was one of those life changing experiences. It turned out that my band Cathedral (U.S.) got signed to an independent label latter that year.

To top it all off. For my birthday in 1999 the friend that took me to the show and got me backstage at the Yes show gave me a book. The Book was "Jerry Lucky's Progressive Rock Files". Not only was my band mentioned on several pages of the book but we are also on a chart in the back of the book of progressive rock history with the band YES!!! I'd call that full swing. I don't know. Anything can happen in this business. As I speak a documentary about an ex heroin junky that I co-produced a hit doom CD with is playing on Showtime. The documentary is called "Last Days Here" and it is about the life of Bobby Liebling and his comeback. So if you're feeling blue (so corny I know) remember to stick with it and if it gets crazy sometimes get crazy too. Apparently it's more interesting that way. You might get your own documentary that way too.

Just Released New Song on itunes

"Seldom Seen" now live on iTunes. Here's the link: http://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewAlbum?id=811301037

On Hiatus

Won't be around much for a few weeks. I'll be checking in to fan people back on RN, and following back on twitter.

Just Released New Song

Finally. "Seldom Seen" was just sent to the online stores. Waiting for links to come in.

Artwork for "Seldom Seen" single

I'd like to thank sculptor/artist William James Lewis for letting me use a piece of his amazing work for my single "Seldom Seen". Please check out his outstanding art at http://www.williamlewis.se/. I'm putting the title on and releasing the single today. It should be in the stores soon. It takes a few days sometimes weeks to get on some stores.

Spring/Summer Live Schedule

I'm in the beginning stages of putting together a backup band for some gigs around my hometown of Frostburg, Maryland. I'll be playing some gigs by myself too around the DC area to warm up my new material.

Now I know why they say "You can't go home"

I never understood the saying "you can't go home" until recently returning to my hometown after being away for ten years (no not in jail). Seeing some of the old homes in the neighborhood with new owners is a little shocking. Especially looking at my aunt and uncles old home just across the lot from my folks house.

5 Easy ways to protect your instruments

Check out this article about protecting your musical instruments. http://blog.discmakers.com/2014/01/prevent-music-instrument-theft/?utm_campaign=EA1403&utm_source=DMAudio&utm_medium=Email

Starting New Track

Working on a new track this week. It's a song about internet romance, innuendo and digital dementia. As far as the music goes think Americana.