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Listening to Mixes

Evaluating the mix and production of "Seldom Seen". It's the 3rd version I've recorded of this song over the years. 2 Bands I've been in recorded and played this song live over the years. This is the first time except for the copyright recording I sent in that I've recorded it myself. The other versions were a basic rock and a prog rock version. This one is what I would call a metal dance punk alternative version. It's also the second song I've done using a computer for recording and mixing..

Less is More...Once again

Been mixing for days now. Less is becoming more the more I mix this song. Soon it will be total silence.

Getting close on a misdown

Putting the finishing touches on a mixdown of "Seldom Seen".

Free Advice

Since I've been getting many requests for advice on how to improve ReverbNation rankings, I've decided to make some tutorial videos. My first piece advice to RN users would be to always fan people back not matter what. My first rule now is the same thing Patrick Swayze told his bouncers in the movie "Roadhouse". Be nice. You are building relationships with people and that is what is important. Be positive and positive people with seek you out. It's the rule of the universe. Believe me. If you are negative, negative people will seek you out. Misery loves company.

All most done

All most done a new track. Fine tuning a mixdown of "Seldom Seen".

Taking a Break

Taking a break from recording "Seldom Seen". Playing around with the production using Studio One and having fun. I love that program.

End of year summary video

I started with ReverbNation in August of this year. So far I've made it to #3 in the US and I've been ranked in the top 10 in the world for Alternative music. I've also been in the top 300 for all genres. There have been many things going on behind the scenes I think some folks would find extremely interesting. I'll be going into more detail at the end of the year. Might make a quick video of my online experiences with RN, Facebook, and Twitter. Some weird, wild and wonderful stuff has happened to me this year.

Christmas Song

Working on a live video of my Christmas song "Can't Wait to Celebrate".

Article about recording cover songs.

How to record and release cover songs article. http://www.cleverjoe.com/articles/music_copyright_law.html

How to Make a Music Video Article

Article on how to make a music video. http://www.ehow.com/how_2363508_make-music-video.html