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New Tracks

Been busy laying down some new tracks this past week. I'll be doing more of the same this week. Can't find the lyrics to one song so I'm rewriting the verses. As long as the hook stays with me it's ok. I've had the hook for years.

Laying down tracks for new song

Recording new tracks this week.

Full Bio With Pics

My full musical history with pictures. http://www.sountrax.com/mike-hounshell---bio.html. Music and videos. http://www.sountrax.com/Music_Videos.html

Worst Commercial

Worst commercial on TV right now...the Tenatwist commercial.

Transferring more tracks today

Transferring tracks today, editing live performance videos.

Veterans Day

Veterans Day is the day I thank my father for serving our country. He thanks me right back.

Practice Makes Virtuosos

"10,000 hours of practice -- not talent -- make virtuosos" - excerpt from "This is your Brain on Music" by Daniel J. Levitin.

Human Kindness an Illusion

I'm starting to believe a recent study and human kindness. The study asserts that human kindness is only an ...........illusion. What do think? Make me wonder if it depends on the mood your in. I know love it real.

Excerpts from "This is your brain on music"

Music is a human obsession. It exists only in our minds. - excerpt from "This is Your Brain on Music" by Daniel J Levitin

Remote tracking vocals with fellow RN Artist.

I'll be doing some remote tracking with a fellow RN artists this month. We will be tracking vocals for a holiday song.