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EP "Sometime Somewhere 2" Live

http://www.reverbnation.com/store/artist_3345064 - "Sometime Where 2" now live in stores.

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http://metal.wikia.com/wiki/Mike_Hounshell - Metal Wikia page for Mike Hounshell

My Doom Producer Wiki Credits

Wiki link Co-producer of Pentagram's "Review Your Choices".


Oldtime FM airplay - My song & driving

After I released a single 1981 and sent it to the hometown radio stations I went into the military.

I never got to listen to anything for a very long time because of basic training. Until I received old time fan mail from back home I had no idea my single was on regular rotation!

Fan mail you had to open with you hands and finding out I was on a regular rotation made for one hell of a day for one lonely G.I. Joe away from home.

When I returned to my hometown, I was a local star. Radio stations played my songs and I got to hear my own songs when I was driving on a regular basis.

Needless to say, I did a lot of driving those days :)

For Cathedral Fans - MySpace link

This was my band in the 90"s that I got signed with on Kinesis. Jerry Lucky called us Pioneers of neo-prog in his book "the History of Progressive Rock". https://myspace.com/cathedralites

How my band got FM airplay everyday for years.

During the 90's Cathedral(US Trademark 1991) was played on the "Don and Mike Show"(WJFK) everydayfor years. They used they beginning line of Cathedral's "Existencial Crisis"

in what was called the "Cavalcade of Hits". You could hear "Wheels are spinning in my mind" just after the line from the "Wizard of Oz", "What would you do with a brain if you had one". It was cool to hear our lead singer, Ted

Thompson (excellent singer, front man), on the radio everyday say "Wheels are spinning in my mind".

One day Don and Mike were kidding around and repeating the line on the air. I heard the DJ's that particular day and was very confused and a little freaked out.

When one of our buddies called the station for us and asked what was up, he was told the producer loved the song and started everday with "Existencial Crisis".

I don't know how long it ran exactly, but it was for at least 2 years. It was one of those cool things that happen sometimes. Oh yeah, for the record, we never got paid a dime.

Link to My Listing on Wiki as a Producer/Engineer

Here's a Wiki link where I'm listed a co-

producer of Pentagram's "Review Your Choices".


"Beautiful Today" Re-Mix Posted

I remixed "Beautiful Today" starting about 3:30am and finished around 7:30am or something like that.

Ad Infinitum II - In Production Now

Last year my band mate from Cathedral, Todd Braverman, asked me to play bass on the new Ad Infinitum album. I jumped at the chance to work with Todd again.

Todd is an amazing progressive rock composer. He is also a world class keyboard and guitar player.

Roger Dean did the first CD's cover artwork. The CD sold very well.

I'm very happy to be playing progressive rock bass lines again. My bass playing idol growing up was Chris Squire.

I'm recording my bass remotely to rhythm tracks that Todd sends me via the internet.

The Ad Infinitum project is progressive rock and it is vastly different than what I'm doing with my solo work.

I love doing both.